How do we build confidence?

Pear Tree School’s model emphasizes hands-on, student-centered, theme and project-based learning. Our balanced approach reinforces confidence-building for students in both their school and personal lives.

By integrating academics, physical skills, socio-emotional development, and technology, we offer well-rounded, inspired learning that cultivates each student’s academic and personal lifelong success.

Every student at Pear Tree’s private school is able to become their best authentic self.

What does this approach look like?

Students will:

  • Work collaboratively and individually in small classes.
  • Be mentored by teachers to be inquisitive, think critically, and engage with their peers to draw on other perspectives.
  • Be taught through themes rather than subjects, which means that learning is more engaging, meaningful and challenging.
  • Be in combined-grade classes, which enhances learning, helps children develop stronger socio-emotional skills, and provides natural leadership opportunities.
  • Develop rich literacy skills, with strong reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Become proficient in numeracy, able to solve problems in a number of different ways and articulate their answers.
  • Become adept at public speaking and critical thinking.
  • Develop real-world abilities and learn how to learn.
  • Explore diverse knowledge, tackle complex problems to achieve common goals, and develop projects that demonstrate learning, innovation, and creativity.
  • Have daily physical activity, including individual and team-based experiences, and numerous sports and recreational activities.
  • Be properly nourished with our Healthy Hot Lunch Program, developed in collaboration with a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Pear Tree’s approach will provide students with:

Confidence building

Our teachers celebrate student achievement with them, but also applaud risk-takers that dare to step out of their comfort zone! Success and failure are equally valuable parts of the learning process, and Pear Tree students develop the confidence to take those risks, share those experiences, and learn from their mistakes. Building resiliency-based confidence is crucial for students to excel academically, emotionally, and physically. Our students are taught to see everything as a learning opportunity.


Having students who want to learn and are invested in their own learning (intrinsic motivation) is essential, which is why we have both an engaging educational approach and inspiring educators.

Quality of teachers

Our teachers are carefully selected not only for their superior educational credentials, but also for their abilities as skilled mentors and exceptional role models. This unique combination of masters-degree level education and genuine dedication to teaching enables them to motivate and stimulate each child’s unique learning blueprint and ensure that learning experiences are of the highest quality.

Independent thought

We place tremendous importance on cultivating independent thought, accountability, and critical thinking, with a balance of teacher guidance and encouragement. Students quickly develop into independent thinkers, decision makers, and creative doers. They recognize the value of learning from “wins and losses” through self-reflection, discussions with their teacher, and sharing with their peers.

Individualized attention

With classes capped at maximum 16 students, your child will get the personalized attention they deserve and explore the joys of learning at a challenging and motivating pace that meets their needs and developmental abilities.


Our custom-designed facility on West Broadway is bright, welcoming, and stimulating — with controlled entrances and exits. Optimized for learning, but far from a traditional institution feel, our learning environment is designed for students to feel safe, supported, and inspired.

Classroom instruction

The curriculum and teaching style must be clearly defined and implemented by its teachers. Our classroom instruction seamlessly blends academic subject areas, social skills, emotional well-being, physical education, and real world application. Our teachers embody the values we promote in the classroom, on the playground, during field trips, and in their day-to-day lives.