Why choose Pear Tree School?

Pear Tree School provides progressive, advanced and innovative education through theme and project-based learning, a whole-child approach, and meaningful integration of technology.

As a leading private school, we take an innovative approach to learning. Our reputable skills-based curriculum helps children thrive by integrating real-life skill sets and applied knowledge into their daily lives. Our teachers are all masters-educated, and our leading teaching and learning approaches are continuously evolving. We not only inspire academic excellence, but nurture a child’s individuality, confidence and holistic, long-term well-being.

project-based learning

Our Vision

We will transform education at all stages of the educational continuum so that people will be able to live happy, fulfilling lives and become positive agents of change.


Theme & project-based learning

At Pear Tree School, we meaningfully integrate learning. Rather than traditional siloed subjects, our lessons are built around themes and projects that develop and integrate multiple skills and concepts, allowing students to practice any combination of academic subjects at once. Students are appropriately challenged academically, socio-emotionally, and physically.

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Combined grades

Research demonstrates that children in combined grades have access to a greater range of academic potential and influence, stronger teacher-student connection, more positive peer interactions, more natural opportunities for student leadership, and more collaborative and independent learning. Therefore, we offer five combined-grade programs, as follows: Early Years (Grades K-1), Primary (Grades 2-3), Intermediate (Grades 4-5), Lower Middle (Grades 6-7) and Upper Middle (Grades 8-9) – with Grades 10-12 coming soon!


Physical & food education

With an hour of daily physical education, our program extends far beyond traditional sports! Students also learn academic and socioemotional concepts, like human kinetics, math, strategy, teamwork, psychology, leadership, and perseverance. It’s not just sport for the sake of sport.

Through our Healthy Hot Lunch program, students learn about the food they’re putting into their bodies – turning even mealtimes into an opportunity for learning and socializing!


Unparalleled quality of teachers

We employ teachers only of the highest caliber, since they are the heart and soul of a school. All of our teachers are masters-qualified, and demonstrate the knowledge and growth mindset promoted by Pear Tree. They are also experienced in the B.C. curriculum, and embody the values and beliefs reflected in our program.

Our teachers strive to create community among colleagues, parents, and students.

Pear Tree School faculty are proud to have earned top achievements as educators bringing technology enriched experiences to the classrooms.

Pear Tree School’s guarantees

Confidence Building

Pear Tree School guarantees that our teachers will celebrate student achievement and applaud risk-takers who dare to step out of their comfort zone!

Success and failure are equally valuable parts of the learning process, and Pear Tree students develop the confidence to take those risks, share those experiences, and learn from their mistakes. Building resiliency-based confidence is crucial for students to excel academically, emotionally, and physically. Our students are taught to see everything as a learning opportunity.


Pear Tree School guarantees that it will take all reasonable precautions to protect the safety of its students and staff.

Academic Excellence

Pear Tree School guarantees that it will provide students with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in their future academic and career goals.

Personal Growth

Pear Tree School guarantees that it will foster the personal growth and development of its students by nurturing their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and ethical well-being.

Quality of teachers

Pear Tree School guarantees that its teachers are carefully selected not only for their superior educational credentials, but also for their abilities as skilled mentors and exceptional role models.

This unique combination of masters-degree level education and genuine dedication to teaching enables them to motivate and stimulate each child’s unique learning blueprint and ensure that learning experiences are of the highest quality.

As such, Pear Tree offers a consistently high quality of education throughout a child’s education at Pear Tree School.

Engaging Learning

Pear Tree School guarantees that it will provide its students with stimulating and engaging learning experiences that will challenge them to think critically and creatively, and that foster their curiosity and passion for learning.

Positive Agents of Change

Pear Tree School guarantees that it will equip its students with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to lead fulfilling lives and make a positive impact on the world.

Up-to-date Information

Pear Tree school guarantees that families will receive up-to-date information about their child’s learning, experiences, and progress through their ePortfolio platform and other forms of communication.


Pear Tree School guarantees that it will provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their background or ability.