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Our 4 Unique Cornerstones 
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The Pear Tree Mission

Established in 2011, Pear Tree Education is leading the way in the Lower Mainland with a technology-enriched, innovative, and research-backed approach to education.

Having evolved from Pear Tree Education, offering specialized after school and summer camp enrichment programs, Pear Tree Elementary has been created in response to the problem that public and private school education models are outdated, and that children are not learning the 21st century skills nor developing the confidence that will enable them to excel in and out of the classroom.

  • About Pear Tree Elementary About Pear Tree Elementary
  • Private Schools Vancouver Physical Education
  • Private Schools Vancouver About Pear Tree Elementary
  • About Pear Tree Elementary
  • Private Schools Vancouver
  • Private Schools Vancouver
  • About Pear Tree Elementary
  • About Pear Tree Elementary
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As expert educators, we recognized the need to re-examine the way children were taught.

Our team of master-educated teachers set about developing a powerful methodology that not only inspires academic excellence, but nurtures a child’s individuality, builds confidence and cultivates the well-rounded skills they will need to have an advantage for life.

Pear Tree Elementary is a progressive school that delivers an advanced education model through project and theme-based learning, a whole-child approach, and the integration of technology.

Children are engaged each day with educational projects that challenge them, while maintaining their excitement to learn.

Experience it for yourself!

 Open Houses and Private Tours are available.

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Pear Tree's Four Cornerstones

  • 1. Project-Based Learning

    At Pear Tree Elementary, we don’t teach the core subjects as separate and isolated topics, i.e. math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and so on. Instead, our subjects are meaningfully integrated with one another and taught all day, every day. Lessons are built around themes and projects that incorporate academic subjects in a holistic manner. Any given lesson will include multiple skills, new concepts, and practice in any combination of the academic subjects.

    Students are appropriately challenged academically, socio-emotionally, and physically in every aspect of the school day, from arrival to dismissal.

    Find out more about our Project-Based Learning approach with real examples!

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  • 2. Combined Grades

    We offer five combined grade programs rather than grade levels: Early Years (Grades K-1), Primary (Grades 2-3), Intermediate (Grades 4-5), Lower Middle (Grades 6-7) and Upper Middle (Grades 8-9).

    A combined grade approach not only complements our teaching method, but also provides students with an environment more conducive to learning.

    Research demonstrates that children in combined grades:

    • Have access to a greater range of academic potential and influence
    • Stronger teacher-student connection
    • Develop stronger social-emotional skills
    • Conduct more collaborative and independent learning
    • Display greater feelings of comfort, security, and a positive self-esteem
    • Develop more positive peer interactions
    • Have more natural opportunities for student leadership

    What is more, combined groups allow our teachers to differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all students. No one is held back.

  • 3. Physical and Food Education

    Students at Pear Tree Elementary receive one hour of physical education every day of the week.

    Our program extends beyond traditional activities like basketball, volleyball, and soccer to include a more diverse and rewarding range with martial arts, swimming, yoga, ice skating, sailing, dancing, and more!

    Physical education program

    During this time, students are learning about both academic and socioemotional concepts, like human kinetics (science), math, strategy, teamwork, psychology, leadership, and perseverance. This isn’t the “dodge ball mentality” you might remember from P.E. class. It’s not just sport for the sake of sport.

    An integral part of physical education is our Healthy Hot Lunch Program, and the food education component that goes along with it. We use cooking to teach about math, science, and social studies. We teach students about the food they’re putting into their bodies, turning even mealtimes into an opportunity for learning. What we eat is the fuel that drives our academic performance and emotional well-being. Low grade fuel = low grade performance.

    Healthy Hot Lunch Program

  • 4. Unparalleled Quality of Teachers

    At Pear Tree, we employ teachers of only the highest caliber. Why? Because teachers are the heart and soul of a school. Great teachers = A great school. All of Pear Tree’s teachers are masters-qualified – demonstrating the knowledge and growth mindset promoted by our school. They are experienced in the British Columbia provincial curriculum, and embody the values and beliefs reflected in our program.

    They are educators, mentors, and role models to the children entrusted to our care.

    Our teachers strive to create a sense of community among their colleagues, parents, and students. At Pear Tree Elementary, you’re part of the family.

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Pear Tree faculty are proud to have earned achievements as educators bringing technology enriched experiences to the classrooms.

Google Certified Educator - Level 1    21st Century Learning Design    Educator Community Influencer    Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator    Community Member    Amplifying Student Voice

  • Maintaining education standards
  • private schools vancouver
  • private schools vancouver
  • Maintaining education standards
  • private schools vancouver
  • private schools vancouver

Our facilities

Located on West Broadway in the heart of Kitsilano, the school is close to the beach, forests, parks, and local transportation. A safe community for our children to learn, grow, and experience the world around them.

Our facility was custom built to provide a learning environment that is bright, modern, and welcoming. Classrooms are equipped with the latest in interactive SMARTboard technology, with Cisco Meraki wifi connectivity throughout. Intimate by design, but with an open concept that encourages the collaboration and hands-on learning that we believe in so strongly, Pear Tree Elementary includes three spacious classrooms, lounge area, attached modern gym and shared teacher’s office.

Pear Tree is currently in the process of an expansion, adding two more classrooms, washrooms, and extra office and storage space.

Despite all of this, you should not be selecting our school based on our facilities. Instead, our academic team and educational approach should be the priority; buildings don’t teach.

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(Pear Tree Elementary is certified by the BC Ministry of Education as a Group 3 Independent School: Certificate No. 3996918)

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  • Private Schools Vancouver Pear Tree Facilities
  • Private Schools Vancouver Pear Tree Facilities
  • Project-based learning Pear Tree Facilities
  • Private Schools Vancouver
  • Private Schools Vancouver
  • Project-based learning
  • Pear Tree Facilities
  • Pear Tree Facilities
  • Pear Tree Facilities

“Pear Tree Elementary is the result of our passion for improving education in Vancouver, as well as the passion of Vancouver families. For some time now, families have been asking us to create a full-time school, because their kids love studying with Pear Tree so much!”

Our Mission


At Pear Tree Elementary, we teach children to connect and apply education to real life. We strive to provide the skills and resources students need to develop into strong learners, able thinkers, and contributing members of their community and world.

A healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy respect and curiosity for all things. That’s what Pear Tree promises. And that’s what Pear Tree delivers.

In line with this goal, Pear Tree Elementary students are educated to encompass all 21st century academic and social-emotional objectives, including:


  • Executive functions

    (e.g. working memory, focus, self control)

  • Higher-order thinking

    (e.g. critical thinking, problem solving)

  • Social-emotional skills

    (e.g. empathy, sympathy, ethics/morals, self-esteem)

  • Collaborative skills

  • Leadership & public speaking

  • ‘Learning how to learn’

A beautiful facility in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver. Dedicated and passionate teachers. Innovative teaching practice designed for the modern world.

That’s Pear Tree Elementary.

We invite you to experience the difference.


Pear Tree Elementary,
215-2678 West Broadway,
Vancouver, B.C.,
V6K 2G3

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