Physical Education Teacher

Are you looking for an opportunity to join a team of talented educators who are changing the face of education? 

We’re Pear Tree School, and we strongly believe that today’s schools aren’t doing enough to prepare students to succeed in the 21st century – academically, socio-emotionally or physically. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide parents and children with a new, progressive alternative to the schools of the past.

Our school takes a whole-child approach to education putting an equal focus on academic, socio-emotional, and physical development. As part of this our students have 1 hour of physical education every day in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities – rain or shine.

We’re looking for an exemplary physical education teacher with a passion for progressive education: someone who understands that education needs to change, and who has the skills to bring that vision to physical education and the classroom.

If that sounds like you, then we can’t wait to hear from you! 

Physical Education School Teacher

At Pear Tree School, you’ll play a dual role as both our physical education teacher, as well as helping the rest of our team with duties and occasionally in classes.

Unlike many traditional schools, at Pear Tree School, we take physical education very seriously. We’re looking for modern approaches to physical education and for students to learn how to take care of and train themselves for their whole lives.

You’ll be creating and leading physical education classes for 5 x groups of combined grade ranges, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 and grade 8. These classes constantly aim to improve the all-round physical capabilities of our students, based on their appropriate needs. You will lead general sports and recreational activities, as well as any specialist ones that you are qualified / able to lead.

In addition, you will accompany groups to specialist activity locations, e.g. gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, climbing, swimming, dance, and so on, led by external instructors. Most activities are within walking distance, but some will require the use of public transit.

Because of the use of specialist activities, you may be teaching between 1 to 5 hours of physical education per day depending on the schedule. Many of these activities will be outdoors. 

As a Pear Tree teacher, you will be required to regularly document your students’ learning, goals and progress using a digital portfolio system. Training for this is provided as part of the job. You will also be expected to work collaboratively with all staff to ensure that each child’s education is a team effort.

In addition to your role as a physical education teacher, you will also help with recess and lunch breaks, as well as occasionally working alongside our masters-qualified classroom teachers. Your role in the classroom will be to assist our teacher and students with class activities.

Most importantly, you’ll be committed to our progressive, whole-child teaching philosophy, and be able to get students and parents excited about everything our school has to offer. 

You’re perfect for this role because you have the following in spades: 

  • Passion – teaching is your calling, and you do more than just educate, you inspire.
  • Curiosity – you’re a lifelong learner, and love trying new things. You share your curiosity with students, and help steer them towards success.
  • Interpersonal skills – you’re very good with people, and are as comfortable hanging out with 6 year olds as you are talking pedagogy with leaders in education.
  • Empathy – you can sense when a student may be struggling socially, emotionally or physically, and look for ways to foster health and wholeness.
  • A love of the outdoors!

Working Time:

This is a full-time, contract position, with opportunity for an annually renewed contract. Core hours are 7:50am to 3:50pm. There is an occasional requirement for longer hours and the attendance at annual overnight camps, but we know that life balance is important. Preparation time will be provided during your working days.

You will be directly answerable to the Pear Tree directors, Alexis Birner and Paul Romani.

Professional Development & Growth Opportunities

Ongoing professional development will be provided using a mixture of in-house and external training. The more you learn, the better you’ll be able to help us!

As Pear Tree grows, further opportunities will present themselves, including leadership roles.

Salary & Benefits:

We offer an impressive compensation package, with a salary of $66,150 plus benefits, plus a <2% yearly raise.

Because we’re educators ourselves, we foster an environment where teachers have the freedom to innovate in the classroom, and aren’t limited by standard curriculums. We work hard to be on the cutting edge, so you’ll also be working with like-minded professionals who are leaders in education.

We believe in a “whole child” approach to education, so your students will always have everything they need to thrive in your class. 


  • Winter break (~3 weeks)
  • Spring break (~2 weeks)
  • Summer break (~9-10 weeks)
  • 3 x paid personal days

What you’ll need:

  • Bachelor of Education (Elementary)
  • + Bachelor of Science (preferred)
  • B.C. Ministry of Education Certification
  • 1+ years of experience teaching physical education at the elementary level 
  • Ability to work in Canada for more than 2 years
  • Knowledge of Google products (Drive, Docs, Sheets)

The ideal candidate must be able to start late August 2024 in time for the start of the 2024/25 school year.