by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Pear Tree School listed on Top 5 Private Schools in Vancouver website

by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of 5 schools top appear on the Top 5 Private Schools in Vancouver list on the website.

In particular, the reviewers noted our progressive approach to education and how it “teaches essential life skills”. They also appreciated our diverse physical education program and how we have things like kayaking, climbing, and so on. What is more, they praise our school lunch program – all prepared from “fresh every day”.

top 5 private schools in vancouver

What is a ‘Top Private School’?

Obviously, everyone has their own notions about what makes a ‘great school’. We’re biased about our approach, because the complex array of features that makes our school, Pear Tree School, is something we believe should be present in every school. Our long list consists of:

  • Whole-child approach
  • Theme-based learning (incl. project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and problem-based learning)
  • Connecting education to real life
  • Hands-on (experiential) learning
  • Masters-qualified educators
  • Goal-setting for every student (academic, socio-emotional and physical short-term/long-term goals)
  • Digital portfolio
  • Daily physical education (1 hour per day)
  • Healthy Hot Lunch Program
  • And, all of these things combined developing life-long confidence in our students!

Our educational approach is constantly improving and evolving to stay ahead of the curve. While other schools have one eye on the past (traditions / heritage), both of ours are on the future. We constantly ask ourselves What more can we do to make our school the best. And, it isn’t fundraising for a new auditorium…

If you’re interested in giving your child life-long confidence, schedule an in-person private tour.