by Alexis Birner

Summer Reading List (K-3)

by Alexis Birner

With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning some great summer reads- both ones that your child can read independently, as well as ones that you can read to them.

Today’s list are great picture books for kindergarten to grade 3 children!

Picture Books

The Curious Garden (Peter Brown)

One boy’s quest for a greener world… one garden at a time.

While out exploring one day, a little boy named Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to take care of it. As time passes, the garden spreads throughout the dark, gray city, transforming it into a lush, green world.

This is an enchanting tale with environmental themes and breathtaking illustrations that become more vibrant as the garden blooms. Red-headed Liam can also be spotted on every page, adding a clever seek-and-find element to this captivating picture book.

Reading Books

Elephant and Piggie (Mo Willems)

The hilarious stories of the best-friend pair, Gerald the elephant and Piggie (obviously the pig!). Even as a parent, you’ll get a kick out of them!

Mercy Watson (Kate DiCamillo)

Mr. and Mrs. Watson have a pig, named Mercy, who loves hot buttered toast. Read about the mischief Mercy causes in their household!

Math Related Books

Pete the Cat (Eric Litwin)

Help come up with patterns for Pete’s buttons! Create your own patterns after using buttons.

Miss Lina’s Ballerinas (Grace Maccarone)

A great book that introduces skip counting and basic multiplication, and shows the ballerinas in various arrays.

Bean 13 (Matthew McElligott)

Is your child learning about division in school? Here is a funny book that discusses division as sharing, and the concept of a “remainder”.

Measuring Penny (Loreen Leedy)

Measurement can be a hard to for some children grasp, especially when the measurement is relative to something else. This book uses standard measurement such as inches and centimeters, but also nonstandard measurement such as dog bones as the main character measures her dog, Penny!

The Warlord’s Puzzle (Virginia Walton Pilegard)

The book tells a legend of the origin of a “tangram”, a 7 piece puzzle that when put together correctly, makes a perfect square. This is a great read for logical thinking, as well as reinforcement of basic shapes.

Graphic Novels

Lunch Lady (Jarrett J. Krosoczka)

This is a series about the cafeteria Lunch Lady who solves crimes using kitchen gadgets such as her “Spatu-copter”, “Hair-net Net”, and “Taco Vision Night Goggles”.

Bean Dog and Nugget (Charise Mericle Harper)

This is a great graphic novel series for young readers, with simple cartoon-like illustrations of Bean Dog and his sidekick, Nugget.

The Olympians (George O’Connor)

A graphic novel series for stronger readers, these are based on the myths and legends of Ancient Greek gods. A great series for students who have learned about Ancient Greece already, or for ones who will be studying it in upcoming grades!