by Alexis Birner

Summer Language Arts Activities for Grades 1 and 2

by Alexis Birner

Keeping your child’s mind active during the summer

After working so hard all year, your child get a well-deserved break of school over the summer months. However, two months can be a long time. Want to keep your child’s mind active? Here are some great language arts-based activities to do during July and August, to help get their brain ready for September.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a great program for early printers that offers research-driven suggestions on pencil grip and letter formation. The Handwriting Without Tears program offers a free section within their website to make your own printing worksheets:

You can type in any words you want your child to practice. We recommend giving the words context; for example, if you are going on a camping trip, and your child is excited about it, some of the words could be “tent” and “camp”!

While they are printing, you can support them by:

  • making sure they are holding their pencil with proper technique
  • that they are forming their letters properly (starting at the top, and following the steps outlined by Handwriting Without Tears)

Summer Reading

Make it a weekly routine to visit the local library. Continue to read to your son or daughter, modeling things like finger tracking, predicting what will happen next in the story and making personal connections to things they’ve read. Have your son or daughter engage in conversations about the book with you so that you can further develop their comprehension.

Sight Words

Practice reading and writing the list of Kindergarten sight words. Mastering these will really help your child in grade one and two for both reading and writing activities. The Grade 1 sight words they should practice are:

a I to his where
am in was not with
and is you one you
are it all or at
at of as they have
be on from this not
can she had we when
for that have this your
he the her were do