Value of Pear Tree School
by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Discover 36 Times More Value at Pear Tree School! Unleashing the Power of a Well-Rounded Education 💎

by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

As parents, we all want the best education for our children.

We want our kids to succeed academically, develop strong socioemotional skills, stay physically healthy, and grow into ethical individuals who contribute positively to society.

Each and every one of us is willing to invest in our child’s education if we see true value in the outcomes of that investment.

At Pear Tree School, we understand the importance of providing a complete education that encompasses all of these aspects of a child’s development.

You will be pleased to hear that when choosing Pear Tree School, you are getting substantially more value for money for the financial investment in your child’s education. In fact, the impact that Pear Tree School will have on your child’s life is worth its weight in gold!

Let’s explore the value of an education at our school, highlighting how our approach goes beyond just short-term academic progress and prepares students for lifelong success!

1) Lifelong Confidence

Confidence is a recurring topic that Pear Tree families highlight to us about their child’s development at our school.

Confidence encompasses a broad range of positive behaviours and skills that a child demonstrates to their parents.

The lifelong confidence that Pear Tree School instils in children is the result of having a team of master-educated educators who proficiently apply Pear Tree’s powerful, holistic methodology.

As well, the entire team contributes to each student’s confidence, including our P.E. teacher, our chef, our principal, our music teacher, and so on.

Not only do we inspire academic excellence, but we nurture every child’s individuality, self confidence, and skillset so that they have an advantage in life.

Hear more from Pear Tree parents here.

2) Well-rounded development

Pear Tree School’s holistic education method goes far beyond academics. We also develop our students’ physical, emotional, social, ethical, and cognitive skills.

Our students acquire a broader range of skills and knowledge than you would normally acquire in school; and, they develop a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the modern world. They also engage in meaningful relationships, and make informed decisions.

This well-rounded development sets them up for success for all aspects of their lives.

What is the value to you of your child having such complete foundation?

3) A lifelong love for learning

Pear Tree Schools students love school and love learning.

Much of this is due to the passionate and amazing teachers that we have! They instill a love for learning that extends beyond their K-12 years.

By nurturing curiosity, creativity, and a growth mindset, our masters-qualified educators inspire our students to become lifelong learners, who are willing to explore new ideas and pursue their passions.

Pear Tree’s holistic approach to education fosters greater engagement among our learners, as it goes beyond rote learning and continuously nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

This leads to increased motivation and enthusiasm, as our students find relevance and meaning in their studies.

Since our students are excited about what they are learning, they are more likely to actively participate in class, ask questions, and seek additional knowledge outside of the classroom.

With this in mind, it’s evident that there’s more value in a child attending Pear Tree School, because they are invested in their own learning and becoming their best self.

4) Increased energy and focus

Pear Tree School’s nutritious Healthy Hot Lunch Program and daily Physical Education Program help our students replenish their energy levels, which can improve their ability to focus and concentrate in class. This can lead to better academic performance and classroom behavior.

Of course, it goes without saying that our students also need to be getting a good night’s sleep each day, too!

5) Optimal academic performance

In order for a child to get the best possible academic outcomes requires a number of different components:

Top-quality educators

Firstly, you need highly-qualified and passionate teachers who can provide effective instruction and engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Pear Tree School ensures that it only hires exceptional educators, across all grade levels.

Added to this is the importance of strong bonds between students and their educators. This is something that our entire team works arduously to develop with our students.

Enhanced collaboration among teachers

Shared values and methodologies among Pear Tree’s educators fosters a collaborative culture where our teachers work together effectively as a team. This leads to shared ideas, best practices, and improved resources, resulting in enhanced short-term instructional strategies and student outcomes.

Consistent approaches & methodologies

Consistency in values, approaches, and methodologies among our teachers also contributes to higher long-term student achievement. When students are consistently exposed to effective instructional strategies, they are more likely to develop a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy skills that can benefit them throughout their academic journey.

Rich, stimulating learning experiences

Pear Tree’s theme-based and project-based learning approach creates a stimulating and challenging environment in which our students are actively engaged and motivated to learn. This results in increased enthusiasm for learning and improved academic performance, as our students are more intrinsically invested in their education. Students also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Real-life application

By incorporating pedagogical approaches that emphasize practical application and relevance of concepts, Pear Tree’s holistic approach to learning helps our students retain and apply their knowledge more effectively in real-life situations. This leads to immediate benefits in terms of improved problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and decision-making skills.

Daily physical education

Regular physical activity has been linked to improved academic performance, including better grades, increased concentration, and enhanced cognitive function, which is why we provide 1-hour of P.E. classes every day.

Ongoing documentation & ePortfolios

Regular updates and feedback through e-portfolios, along with detailed report cards, can contribute to improved academic performance. Students who receive timely feedback and engage in reflective practices are more likely to identify their areas for improvement and take steps to address them, leading to better academic outcomes over time.

6) Personalized learning

At Pear Tree School, we recognise that children are not homogenous. Everyone develops at different rates at different stages of their childhood, and every child has different levels of aptitudes that need supporting and nurturing.

Individualized goal setting at Pear Tree School helps our teachers identify each student’s unique strengths, challenges, and learning needs. This enables our teachers to provide customized support and interventions to address those needs, leading to more effective short-term interventions and progress towards achieving student goals.

Learning at Pear Tree is tailored to the range of abilities in our classes. Through our progressive, theme-based learning approach, we are able to meet the needs of all of our students without them having to do different activities from each other.

There are many ways that we achieve this, including:

  • having a broader range of levels of tasks
  • using open-ended learning activities, as well as
  • setting different expectations depending upon the students

Individualized goal setting also allows our students to learn to be involved in their own academic, socioemotional, and physical development goals. This helps them take ownership of their own learning and be more motivated to achieve those goals. In turn, this can result in improved academic performance, as them being more engaged and focused on their learning.

7) Consistent academic progress

As mentioned above, Pear Tree School’s teachers share the same values, educational approaches, and methodologies (find out more here!)

Consistent implementation of Pear Tree’s educational approaches and methodologies means that our students benefit from consistent academic progress throughout their K-12 education.

As part of this, they develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, which also benefits them in their long-term academic pursuits.

This school-wide approach to learning helps create a cohesive and unified learning environment in which Pear Tree students receive consistent guidance and support, which leads to better short-term academic performance and understanding of concepts.

As our teachers are aligned in their instructional approaches, our students experience smooth transitions between different classes and grade levels. This minimizes any disruptions in this transition; it also ensures that our students continue to receive the same instructional approaches, which can help them adjust to new classes and teachers more easily.

Students who experience continuity in instructional approaches and methodologies throughout their school years develop a sense of familiarity and comfort with the learning process. This can help them build upon their prior knowledge and skills, resulting in deeper learning and long-term retention of concepts.

8) Higher intellectual potential

Aside from an optimal academic environment, proper nutrition and exercise can positively impact cognitive development, memory, and learning abilities. When students have access to healthy hot lunches and daily physical education, like they do at Pear Tree School, they perform better academically over the long term, leading to improved educational outcomes and future opportunities.

9) Enhanced creativity and critical thinking skills

Pear Tree’s theme-based and project-based learning approach encourages our students to think critically, solve problems, and be creative in their approach to learning.

These skills are highly valued in the 21st century job market, and they provide our students with an advantage in their future academic and professional endeavors.

Our teachers think outside the box to make project-based learning even more creative, like using board game designs to explore biomimicry, clay sculpting to navigate youth mental health, escape room design for an ancient civilisation theme. We also work with a wide-range of mediums.

10) Ability to connect education to solve complex, real world problems

By connecting learning to real-life applications, Pear Tree School provide our students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

This can enhance their understanding of concepts and develop practical skills that are relevant to their everyday lives, preparing them for the challenges of the real world.

At Pear Tree School, all learning is connected to real-world application. This is achieved in various ways:

  1. Using theme-based learning (which models real-world complexity) – we don’t teach separate subjects
  2. Designing themes that are about topics 100% relevant to our students’ lives (immediate and future)
  3. Having real-world themes makes it easy to plan activities that have real-world application. Every area of the BC curriculum is given real-life application and context. This makes it meaningful, stimulating, and challenging.

11) Higher educational attainment

Students who receive high-quality education from qualified and passionate teachers during K-12 are more likely to pursue higher education, such as college or vocational training, which can lead to better career opportunities and increased earning potential in the long run.

12) Timely feedback

Daily updates from Pear Tree School’s e-portfolios with comments, photos, and videos provides timely feedback to parents and students about their progress.

This help our students understand their strengths and areas for improvement, and allow parents to be more involved in their child’s learning journey.

Timely feedback can also enable adjustments and interventions to be made quickly, resulting in improved short-term academic and socioemotional outcomes.

13) Parent engagement

Regular updates in e-portfolios and detailed report cards fosters strong parent-school partnerships, leading to increased parent engagement in their child’s education.

This can result in better long-term support for our students at home, increased communication between parents and teachers, and a deeper understanding of a child’s progress, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Pear Tree school offers various methods of communication with teachers:

  • In-person chat (informal)
  • Email
  • In-person meeting (formal)
  • Virtual meeting
  • ePortfolio
  • Parent-teacher conferences

Education is a team effort at Pear Tree School.

14) Goal attainment

Pear Tree School also uses individualized goal setting, along with regular updates in a student’s e-portfolio.

This contributes to long-term goal attainment. As students continuously work towards their personalized goals, they develop a growth mindset and a sense of achievement, which can foster a lifelong love for learning and self-motivation to pursue their goals beyond school.

Various teachers contribute to a student’s ePortfolio (classroom teacher, French teacher, and P.E. teacher). The students and parents also upload information to this, so it’s a collaborative effort.

Goalsetting spreadsheets are created by the classroom teacher for a broad range of student-specific areas of academic and socioemotional learning, as well for our lunch program. Our P.E. teacher also maintains a goalsetting spreadsheet for a student’s P.E. development.

15) Enhanced physical fitness

The value of your investment in your child’s education at Pear Tree School goes far beyond just academic outcomes!

Pear Tree’s daily physical education program provides our students with both the quantity and quality of physical activity that they need to enhance their physical capabilities.

Every class at Pear Tree School receives 1-hour per day of P.E. classes – 5 hours per week, rain or shine.

That doesn’t include the additional recess time that they spend at the park each day.

Having daily physical education also allows Pear Tree School to offer diversity in our P.E. program. We have 5 days to include a range of activities, from technical skills to endurance to specialist activities.

Regular physical education help our students improve their physical fitness through activities such as cardiovascular exercises, strength training, flexibility exercises, and coordination drills. Short-term outcomes may include improved endurance, strength, flexibility, and motor skills.

Overall, P.E. is systematised and planned. This ensures that students are actually achieving certain outcomes that we’re striving for that term. And, having the consistency of doing a particular activity each Monday, for example, means that students get to build upon those skills, week upon week.

16) Improved sports performance

Exposure to a diverse range of specialized sports and recreational activities helps Pear Tree students discover their interests and talents in specific sports, leading to improved sports performance in the long term.

Long-term outcomes include increased skill levels, better performance in competitions, and potential opportunities for further sports-related achievements.

Participation in various sports and recreational activities also helps our students develop motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, and spatial awareness.

Short-term outcomes may include improved motor skills and coordination, which can be transferable to other physical activities and sports.

Pear Tree School’s dedicated P.E. teacher documents these objectives in each student’s goalsetting spreadsheets to ensure that our P.E. program meets all of these physical needs and objectives.

17) Improved long-term health and well-being

Providing daily physical education and promoting healthy eating habits is crucial to your child’s overall well-being and success.

By enrolling your child at Pear Tree School, you are equipping them with the lifelong habit of being physically active and engaging in regular exercise.

This will lead to numerous short-term health benefits, such as:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced overall well-being

Moreover, promoting healthy eating habits during childhood can help prevent chronic health conditions, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer, and
  • Heart disease

By encouraging your child to make healthy choices, Pear Tree is setting them up for a lifetime of good health. Find out what the BC School Food guidelines say about this.

But it’s not just about physical health!

Regular physical activity has been shown to improve mental health outcomes, including reduced risk of depression, anxiety, and stress. Find out more about our approach to positive Mental Health here.

It can also improve cognitive function and academic performance.

So, when you enroll your child at Pear Tree School, you are making a wise investment in their long-term health and success.

We are committed to providing a holistic education that prepares your child for a bright future, both academically and personally.

18) Increased school attendance

If your child isn’t at school because of sickness, this will have an impact on their learning (COVID lockdowns demonstrate this extremely well!).

Studies demonstrate that when students are well-nourished, they are more likely to attend school regularly, be engaged in classroom activities, and participate in extracurricular activities.

Pear Tree School’s Healthy Hot Lunch Program can contribute to better school attendance, as well as engagement.

Additionally, Pear Tree’s daily physical education program can also increase resistance to sickness.

19) Enhanced social & emotional well-being and resilience

Pear Tree School’s emphasis on socioemotional skills, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, and emotional intelligence, helps our students develop emotional resilience and coping strategies that are crucial for navigating inevitable challenges and setbacks in their lives.

Part of this involves surrounding themselves with positive friends who are there for them in times of crisis and, conversely, for them to be their for their friends.

Pear Tree’s teachers are skilled in creating a positive and inclusive classroom environment and promote social and emotional well-being among students. They provide support, encouragement, and guidance, which contributes to our students’ overall development, self-esteem, and mental health.

20) Self-awareness & reflection and positive self-identity & mindset

At Pear Tree School, we nurture positive self-identity and self-esteem in our students, by promoting self-reflection, self-expression, and self-advocacy. We even have a dedicated theme called Identity that is part of the learning of every class during the September-December semester. This helps our students continually develop a strong sense of self, build confidence, and develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others, which can contribute to their personal and social well-being.

Through the process of individualized goal setting and e-portfolios, Pear Tree’s students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning, strengths, and areas for growth. This promotes self-awareness and metacognition, which are important skills for lifelong learning and personal growth beyond our K-12 school.

21) Sense of belonging

When teachers are aligned in their values and educational approaches, it can contribute to a positive school culture where all stakeholders, including students, teachers, and parents, feel a sense of belonging and ownership in the educational process.

This can lead to a supportive and inclusive learning environment that promotes student well-being and success in the long term.

22) Enhanced social and emotional intelligence, development, and well-being

Eating together in a communal setting can foster a sense of community and socialization among students.

Pear Tree School’s healthy hot lunch program provides opportunities for our students to connect, socialize, and build positive relationships with their peers and also the school staff!

Physical education also provides opportunities for our students to interact with peers, develop teamwork skills, and learn about sportsmanship and fair play. Short-term outcomes in this regard include improved social skills, increased self-confidence, and enhanced emotional well-being.

Pear Tree’s progressive, theme and project-based learning approach emphasizes social and emotional learning, which leads to the development of skills such as self-awareness, empathy, and collaboration. These skills are essential for navigating relationships, managing emotions, and building healthy interpersonal connections, and can benefit our students throughout their lives in both personal and professional contexts.

Participation in physical education activities can also contribute to the development of social skills, teamwork, and emotional resilience. Long-term outcomes may include improved social relationships, increased self-confidence and enhanced emotional well-being.

23) Enhanced communication skills

Pear Tree’s student-centered learning approach involves active participation. This means that students are constantly encouraged to speak, present ideas, collaborate, etc. In fact, effective communication skills are essential for project-based learning to occur.

Public speaking is something that all Pear Tree students from kindergarten onwards practice on a weekly basis.

Developing proficient communication skills, including written and digital communication skills, is essential for success in the 21st century workforce.

24) Powerful social network

While Pear Tree School has a diverse student body of very broad cultural backgrounds and fairly broad socioeconomic backgrounds, it still has a selective intake policy.

The intention behind this is to ensure that our school does not accept students who negatively impact other students, whether through violent behaviour, bullying, or even a negative attitude.

Therefore, Pear Tree students benefit from being around culturally diverse peers who share a positive and motivating mindset. These are valuable, life long social connections that they can maintain beyond their K-12 years at Pear Tree.

In the short-term, Pear Tree students are great friends and supporters; they bring out the best in one another by cheering each other onto success. Pear Tree is not a school that values inter-student competition. Therefore, this support for one another makes it easier to develop healthy relationships and collaborative teams.

In the long-term, Pear Tree students will go onto amazing careers that bring about positive change. They may seek to collaborate with each other on a social enterprise or start a future business together.

25) Optimal nutrition & cognition

Physical education has been linked to improved cognitive function, including enhanced concentration, attention, and memory. Therefore, Pear Tree students benefit from improved cognitive performance from their daily physical education program, which can positively impact academic performance and learning outcomes.

Pear Tree’s healthy hot lunch program provides our students with balanced meals that are rich in essential macro and micro nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and protein. This can help improve their overall nutrition, which is important for their growth and development, as well as their ability to concentrate and learn at school.

26) Formation of lifelong healthy lifestyle & healthy habits

Pear Tree’s healthy hot lunch program also helps students develop healthy eating habits early in life, which should carry over into adulthood. By exposing our students to culturally diverse, nutritious foods and teaching them about healthy food choices, our hot lunch program can help establish a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits!

Likewise, the range of physical education sports and recreational activities that our student partake in should foster a lifelong love of physical exercise and positive body image.

27) Reduced family food costs

The inclusion of our Healthy Hot Lunch program in your annual tuition also saves you over $2,000 in packed lunches each year, as well as the time that you would have to spend making those lunches; as we all know, time is money.

Unless you’re your child’s private chef, it’s also unlikely that you would have the time or know-how to make the kind of food that our expert chef prepares each day!

28) Leadership skills

Pear Tree students learn that leadership is about building a team of passionate and focused people, who are competent and productive. It’s about people taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility for the outcomes of the team. It’s about bringing out the best in others.

It is not about bossing people around or expecting to get your own way.

Becoming a strong leader isn’t simple and doesn’t come easily to many of us. This is why it’s so important to start developing leadership skills at a very young age and having ongoing opportunities to practice such skills, as well as learning from the leadership skills of others.

This practice and learning occurs in part as a result of us doing project-based learning on a daily basis. However, it is also a component of our school values: students are there to help each other in their general daily life.

29) Lifelong learning mindset

Pear Tree’s holistic system of education instills a lifelong learning mindset in our students; it encourages curiosity, self-directed learning, and a deep love for learning.

This can benefit our students in the long term, as they develop a growth mindset and become more adaptable to changing circumstances, technologies, and knowledge landscapes throughout their lives.

30) Success in college and career

The skills and competencies developed through Pear Tree’s progressive, theme and project-based learning prepares our students for success in university and their future careers.

The ability to think critically, problem-solve, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively are highly valued by colleges and employers alike.

Students who have experienced Pear Tree School’s style of education are better positioned for future academic achievements and career success than their traditional school peers.

31) Competitive advantage & improved job readiness

Following on the above, the skills, knowledge, and motivation gained from Pear Tree’s education method and having highly-qualified and passionate teachers will contribute to our students’ job readiness and success in the workforce.

Pear Tree students will possess critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by employers, and they will be more confident and resilient in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in their careers.

32) Improved career prospects

As such, by fostering critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and a love for learning, Pear Tree’s holistic system of education equips our students with the skills and qualities that are highly valued in the modern job market.

This will lead to improved career prospects in the long term, as they are better prepared to meet the demands of the ever-changing job market and contribute effectively to their chosen fields.

33) Positive impact on society

By investing in your child’s education at Pear Tree School, you are also investing in the needs of Vancouver, Canada and beyond. At Pear Tree School, your child will become a well-educated individual who will be educated throughout their K-12 education to become engaged and informed citizens.

Consequently, they will be equipped to contribute positively to their communities, advocate for social change, and participate in civic activities, which can have a broader societal impact.

Pear Tree School emphasizes global citizenship, which includes fostering an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, promoting social responsibility, and encouraging active participation in local and global communities.

This helps our students develop a broader perspective, a sense of social responsibility, and the skills to make positive contributions to the world around them.

34) Visionary mindset

Pear Tree School also specialises in developing an entrepreneurial mindset, designed to tackle some of Vancouver’s, Canada’s and the world’s challenges.

Having the critical thinking, problem solving, creative, and a collaborative skills that a Pear Tree student is equipped with makes them ideally positioned to be at the forefront of solving complex societal, economic and environment issues.

35) Personal fulfillment

Pear Tree School’s holistic system of education also contributes to a child’s personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose in life, as it encourages our students to explore their passions, interests, and values.

This can help our students develop a sense of identity, build their self-confidence, and pursue their unique paths in life, leading to long-term fulfillment and happiness!

36) An easier life for your child

There are things in life that are not normally taught in schools, the sort of things that you either learn the hard way, or through self-help books, or through specialised courses

Having this knowledge and skills can save you years of disappointment, frustration and heartache.

That’s part of the learning you get at Pear Tree School and the value of your educational investment with us!


At Pear Tree School, we are committed to providing a complete education that goes beyond short-term academic progress and prepares students for long-term success in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Our emphasis on well-rounded development, individualized learning, character development, and emotional resilience equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to lead happy, healthy, and successful lives.

We are proud of our holistic approach to education and the positive impact it has on our students’ lives.

Don’t settle for a mediocre education for your child. Choose Pear Tree School and watch them thrive. Contact us today to book and tour and learn more about how we can help your child reach their full potential!
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Value of Pear Tree School