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The Pros and Cons of Attending an Independent School

by Guest Post

Choosing the right school for your child can be stressful. Click here for the pros and cons of attending an independent school.

Since the pandemic, 41% of parents say that they would rather send their child to a private school. Now, seeing that there were many people hesitant about attending a school that costs more money, why has that opinion changed?

Firstly, when the world had to shut down because of the pandemic it highlighted flaws in the educational system. Children without technology were disadvantaged, and others fell behind in their grades. 

However, an independent school can offer much more than just a fancy uniform. The dedication and drive of the staff members are not the same in public schools. Plus, your children are given the extra attention they deserve.

So, are you considering the types of schools for your little one but need some clarification on the benefits of an independent school? Then, keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know before signing up. 

What Is an Independent School?

When it comes to school options you might have seen the terms private school, or independent school, floating around the internet. To keep things simple, they both mean the same thing. 

A public school and an independent school have one common denominator, they both require a fee if you want your child to attend these institutions. The overall premise of this type of education is that it’s not government-owned. 

In general, independent schools are able to set their own hours, term dates, and curriculum. But, there are other benefits to this education. 

Pros and Cons of Attending an Independent School

What Are The Pros and Cons of Attending an Independent School 

The Pros

One of the main reasons parents decide to send their kids to independent schools is because of the class sizes. For the most part, the classrooms tend to be smaller and more intimate. 

1) Small Classrooms

The advantages to being taught in a class with fewer children have been researched and show that it is better for their long-term education than a room filled with double the students. 

Having the extra space also makes the experience of showing up to class a little less daunting for some children. Especially, if a child suffers from anxiety and struggles to speak when the teacher asks a question. 

2) Flexible Curriculum 

Another stand-out reason for choosing an independent school is the curriculum. As these institutions are not controlled by government guidelines, this allows the teachers to pick their own schedules. 

By having more options that are tailored to specific levels, your child can find a subject and class that is suited to their individual needs. Therefore, the overall learning experience is inclusive and effective. 

3) More Activities 

Besides the educational advantages, these schools also offer more activities for diverse interests and passions. Children need stimulus in all areas of their life in order to grow into well-rounded and engaging adults

But, often children are not given enough choice in their extracurricular subjects. The good news is, at independent schools, there are lots of sports, art, and other classes for your child to join in their spare time! 

4) A Place To Be Themselves 

Sometimes, children have negative experiences in a public school system and they lose interest in their education. Even though this is understandable as bullying is a traumatic event, it shouldn’t take the joy out of school. 

Independent schools exist so that children are nurtured and given the support they crave to thrive in early childhood and beyond.

If they don’t build those foundational skills such as socializing, it can lead to mental health problems and difficulties making friends. So, picking an independent school will give your child the space to be themselves. 

They will have more attention from teachers, a wide range of activities to choose from, and an exciting curriculum that will enrich their minds.

However, before you commit to this style of teaching, it’s important to weigh up the cons first. This will help you clarify if an independent school is right for your child. 

Cons of Independent Schools

Let’s be honest, a major concern for most parents is finances. Therefore, when you see a huge number printed on a school website or you receive a letter confirming the payment amount, you might panic a little. 

If that sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. 

1) Finances

Many families have trouble paying for independent school tuition. This means that the financial burden of this form of education is one downside. 

However, if you can afford the fees and are invested in improving your child’s education, then an independent school is a fantastic option. 

2) Application Competition 

As independent schools are smaller and more specialized the competition to get into them is greater. A lot of parents are looking for a spot at established schools like this because they want what’s best for their children. 

Although, getting accepted is a whole other obstacle. It depends on the number of applicants and the policy at certain schools. That being said, some institutions are welcoming to many students. 

So, if you want to find out about the process, then send an email and do your best to get the documents ready early. 

3) Missing Old Friends 

If you make the choice to move your child from a public school to a private school then it might have some consequences for their social life. When you’re young it’s hard to rationalize a change like switching schools. 

But, going to an independent school doesn’t have to be a downgrade. You can encourage your child to get excited about the transition because they might even meet their best friend at the new school! 

Anything is possible.

Give Your Child the Start They Deserve

Ultimately, it’s your personal choice whether an independent school or public school is the right option for your child. After reading this article it’s clear that the pros are convincing enough to outweigh the cons. 

However, deciding on the type of school is only the first step. Next, you have to find a place that offers this type of education and has a friendly team of staff…

Luckily, our teachers are amongst the best in the country. Our goal is to build children up to be confident and aspirational adults who follow their dreams. 

If that sounds like something you want for your child, get in touch and we can tell you all about our Pear Tree School.