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Early years program


Inspiring Lifelong Journeys in Learning

In the pivotal early years of education, Pear Tree School lays the cornerstone for a lifetime of discovery, growth, and achievement.

Our mission transcends traditional learning; we aim to ignite a deep-seated passion for exploration and understanding in every child, preparing them not just for the next grade but for life’s vast adventures.

At the heart of our Early Years Program is The Pear Tree Method, our holistic approach designed by educators with Master’s degrees in education.

This innovative method integrates creative, hands-on learning approach to the BC Curriculum with a focus on nurturing the whole child:

  • Social Development: Fostering teamwork, empathy, and community involvement.
  • Emotional Well-being: Cultivating resilience, self-awareness, and a positive mindset.
  • Physical Health: Encouraging active play, coordination, and healthy living habits.
  • Academic Excellence: Building foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking.

Nurturing Individual Potential

We believe every child is a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored. Our K-1 students thrive in 2 x dedicated classes (16 students per class; 32 students total). Our dedicated M.Ed-educated teachers provide personalized attention, ensuring that each student’s unique interests and abilities are recognized and cultivated. In our small, intimate classroom settings, your child’s confidence, curiosity, and love of learning will flourish.


36 Outcomes for a Brighter Tomorrow

Pear Tree School’s Early Years Program is the beginning of a transformative journey that prepares children for a future of success and fulfillment. Our program is designed to achieve 36 key outcomes, encompassing:

  • Confidence and Leadership: Empowering children to become confident learners and compassionate leaders.
  • Critical Thinking and Creativity: Encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Global Citizenship: Instilling an appreciation for cultural diversity and a commitment to social responsibility.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Teaching the importance of caring for our planet.
  • Lifelong Wellness: Promoting physical health, emotional balance, and mental well-being.

These outcomes ensure that our students are not only prepared for the academic challenges ahead but are also equipped to lead meaningful, impactful lives.

Theme & Project-Based Learning

Math at Pear Tree

As a skills-based subject, math is more valuable when it is understood and actively applied, rather than simply memorized. Your child’s math learning will be embedded into practical themes, related to social studies (quantities, statistics), science (weights, speeds, measurements), and business (financial literacy).

Pear Tree students learn math in context, working with real-life numbers. Consequently, math at Pear Tree is more engaging, advanced and rewarding than traditional math classes.


VIDEO: Math at Pear Tree School

Literacy at Pear Tree

Similarly, reading and writing are essential hands-on skills that span across subjects. Our language arts skills are interwoven into every part of your child’s education. Rather than textbooks, which often focus on memorization, Pear Tree students read themed fiction and non-fiction books that encourage both their imagination and critical thinking.

Students at Pear Tree develop incredible reading and writing skills as they expand their vocabularies beyond high-frequency textbook words, engage with different sources of information and have constant opportunities to practice.


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They really do adapt to the child and let that child experience the growth that they have laid out in front of them.


I really feel this way of teaching provides as equal an opportunity for as possible for every student to succeed in life, whatever that is.