Grades 8-9

Upper Middle School

During the Upper Middle School years, your child will walk the path to their dream future. We work with students to thoroughly prepare them for their B.C. Provincial Exams, while continuing our emphasis on holistic, integrated and personalized education that inspires your child to extend beyond knowing into doing.

Students explore the world of holistic and critical thinking, applied learning, collective knowledge and self-guided research to build the skills, curiosity, resilience and confidence necessary to graduating and thriving in post-secondary.

Pear Tree School has recently expanded its facilities as part of a 5-year plan to offer high school.


Pear Tree School will be offering a radically different concept of what high school can look and feel like.

Whatever your academic passion, ambitions, strengths and talents, Pear Tree School is the place to help you becoming your best self and to develop truly life-long confidence.

What is more, our theme-based learning approach will teach you how to connect education to real life and prepare you perfectly for the new BC Provincial Exams.

A group of upper middle school children attending Pear Tree School in Vancouver, BC

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