Grades 6-7

Lower Middle School

The Lower Middle School Years play a pivotal role in your child’s education, as many children begin more fully exploring and setting aspirations for high school and beyond.

This is an exciting and transformative time where your child will enjoy a positive, nurturing and personalized environment that positively challenges them to hone the academic skills and rigor necessary to thrive well into the future. We offer rigorous experiential, personalized and constructive instruction and assessment that prepares students for the journey into high school and university, while keeping them keenly interested and engaged in the moment.

children learning at our lower middle school in Vancouver

Primary Goals

As your child matures, our highly qualified (M. Ed-educated) teachers play important roles as strong role models and positive mentors, providing valuable and tangible guidance. Our curriculum carefully considers and comprehensively prepares students for the new B.C. Provincial Exams in numeracy and literacy. During these years, we support your child to:

  • Develop the patience and tenacity to produce high-quality work and do their best
  • Thrive within teams through a collaborative, project-based learning environment
  • Develop the learning, critical thinking and advanced comprehension skills expected throughout highschool and university
  • Take calculated risks and have the humility to learn from their mistakes, as well as their peers
  • Develop exceptional research skills
  • Think and act like leaders
  • Advance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Excel in public speaking and presentation
  • Continue connecting their learning with nature
children learning at our lower middle school in Vancouver
children learning at our lower middle school in Vancouver
children learning at our lower middle school in Vancouver

Skills Based Learning


As a skills-based subject, math is more valuable when it is understood and actively applied, rather than simply memorized. Your child’s math learning will be embedded into practical themes, related to social studies (quantities, statistics), science (weights, speeds, measurements), and business (financial literacy).

Pear Tree students learn math in context, working with real-life numbers. Consequently, math at Pear Tree is more engaging, advanced and rewarding than traditional math classes.


Similarly, reading and writing are essential hands-on skills that span across subjects. Our language arts skills are interwoven into every part of your child’s education. Rather than textbooks, which often focus on memorization, Pear Tree students read themed fiction and non-fiction books that encourage both their imagination and critical thinking.

Students at Pear Tree develop incredible reading and writing skills as they expand their vocabularies beyond high-frequency textbook words, engage with different sources of information and have constant opportunities to practise.

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