Grades 10-12

High School

By 2028, Pear Tree School will be a full K-12 school offering a BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma).

Grade 10
starting September 2026
Grade 11
starting September 2027
Grade 12
starting September 2028

Redefining the high school experience

Pear Tree’s High School Program will redefine what the high school experience should be like.

Our vision is that the Pear Tree high school experience should be the culmination of all of the approaches, standards, and values of our K-9 program. This includes working with a close-knit cohort, having highly qualified M.Ed. classroom teachers that know each and every student academically and socio-emotionally, and to continue studying through a theme and project-based learning approach with real-life application.

Our high school classes will be co-taught by 3 x teachers, each specialising in one of three areas: science/math, humanities, and business/entrepreneurship.

Our theme-based curriculum will carefully consider and comprehensively prepare students for the B.C. Provincial Exams in numeracy and literacy.

The accompanying graduation credits that these themes fulfil will reflect the nature of a Pear Tree School education, one that is interdisciplinary, is intended to solve complex real-life problems, and has an entrepreneurial angle – as will our exciting extended overnight education trips!

Pear Tree School is currently communicating with local universities, as well as some international ones that have similar values to ensure that the outcomes of our high school education also align with their needs.

Further, we are exploring the possibility of offering a selection of project-based AP courses, such as the AP Capstone Diploma and AP Environmental Science.

We will be sharing more information about our high school plans soon.