Grades 10-12

High School

10-12 program

By 2028, Pear Tree School will be a full K-12 school offering a BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma).

Grade 10
starting September 2026
Grade 11
starting September 2027
Grade 12
starting September 2028

Redefining the high school experience


At Pear Tree School, we’re not just reimagining the high school experience; we’re setting a new standard for it.

Our Grade 10-12 program is designed to be the pinnacle of our progressive educational journey, seamlessly continuing the innovative practices established from K-9 into the grade 10-12 high school years.


A Vision Rooted in Excellence and Connection

At Pear Tree School, we believe the high school years are not just a pathway to higher education but a pivotal journey that shapes the future. Our high school program is crafted to be the zenith of the educational experience we offer, seamlessly integrating the approaches, standards, and values that define our K-9 program into a comprehensive Grade 10-12 curriculum.


A Close-Knit Cohort Learning Experience

Imagine a high school where every student is known, valued, and understood, not just by their peers but by their teachers.

With highly qualified M.Ed. educators who are attuned to the academic and socio-emotional landscapes of each student, we foster a close-knit cohort that thrives on mutual respect and understanding. Our educators are more than teachers; they are mentors, guides, and the catalysts for transformation.


Innovative Co-Teaching Model

High school classes at Pear Tree School will break the traditional mold, being co-taught by a trio of specialized teachers in science/math, humanities, and business/entrepreneurship.

This collaborative teaching approach ensures a rich, interdisciplinary learning experience that mirrors the complexity and interconnectedness of the real world, preparing our students not just for exams, but for life.


Theme-Based Curriculum with Real-World Application

Our curriculum, grounded in theme and project-based learning, is meticulously designed to engage students with real-life applications of their studies.

Not only will our students be thoroughly prepared for the B.C. Provincial Exams in numeracy and literacy, but they will also gain invaluable skills in addressing complex, real-world problems through an entrepreneurial lens.

From environmental sustainability to technological innovation, our themes are chosen for their immediacy and impact, reflecting a world that awaits the bold and the visionary.


Entrepreneurship and Real-World Problem Solving

A hallmark of a Pear Tree School education is its entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving ethos. Our students engage in projects that demand not just academic excellence but real-world application, leadership, and innovation.

This entrepreneurial angle is not a subject or a course—it’s a mindset that permeates our curriculum, preparing students to be the change-makers of tomorrow.


120 Graduation Credits That Reflect Our Ethos

The 120 graduation credits obtained through our program will showcase the distinct Pear Tree School education—interdisciplinary, problem-solving, and forward-thinking. Our curriculum is crafted to fulfill and exceed provincial standards while maintaining our commitment to innovative education.


Extended Educational Trips That Inspire

Beyond the classroom, Pear Tree School students will embark on extended overnight educational trips that promise not just learning, but adventure. These trips are carefully integrated with our curriculum, enhancing our students’ education with unforgettable experiences that bring their studies to life.



Aligning with Higher Education

Understanding the importance of post-secondary preparation, Pear Tree School is actively engaging with both local and international universities that share our values.

This collaboration ensures our high school graduates are not just prepared for university but are sought after, their education aligned with the needs and expectations of higher learning institutions globally.


Join Us in Shaping the Future

Pear Tree School is on the brink of launching this transformative high school program, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey by joining our Grade 8 middle school program.

Together, we will redefine what high school can be and prepare our students for a future filled with possibilities.

Discover more about our revolutionary approach to high school education and how it can benefit your child.

Welcome to the future of high school at Pear Tree School – where we’re not just preparing students for the next step; we’re preparing them for a brighter future.