At Pear Tree School, we understand that learning extends beyond the normal school day. That’s why we’re proud to offer an array of co-curricular activities tailored to reflect the diverse interests of our students.

Term 1
LightsUp Acting, Junior Chefs, Martial Arts, Clay Creations, STEAMoji Coding, Cross Country, Art Skills
Term 2
STEAMoji Coding, Yoga, ByteSize Robotics, Chess, Basketball
Term 3
Art Adventures, Coding with Daedalos, Hip Hop Dance, LightsUp Acting, Running Club

Co-curricular options

Each day, we present different options catering to various age groups, ensuring every child finds something that ignites their passion and curiosity.

From arts and technology to sports and recreational activities, our programs are designed to enrich our students’ educational experience, promote well-rounded development, and foster a lifelong love for learning.

Co-curriculars require full-term commitment. Prices vary depending on the program cost and duration.