A Parent’s Perspective: Parent Interview

Why would Vancouver parents choose Pear Tree Elementary over the city’s elite private schools? Watch this parent interview to find out!

N.B. The parent interview was conducted by Our Kids.net in May 2020 during the COVID school closure period. Pear Tree had no involvement with any aspect of the video, including the questions and answers. The video was published in November 2020.

You can watch the full video Pear Tree Elementary – Our Kids Insider Perspective: Parents from Our Kids Net on Vimeo, or you can watch individual clips of each part of the Parent Interview below.

1) Intro & Summary

Our Kids.net interviewer, Geoff Davies, provides the context for why parents of a grade 1 child in an elite Vancouver private school decided to switch to Pear Tree Elementary.

“Ivy asked herself, ‘Am I crazy to want to make a change?’ “

2) About Their Daughter

Find out about Ivy’s daughter, someone who is creative and loves to make things using her hands!

“We wanted something different; less traditional than your typical school”

3) Reasons for Leaving Elite Private School

Hear Ivy’s story about how she realised what was wrong with daughter’s education at an elite Vancouver private school.

“She started to lose the love for education. It scared me cause she was only in grade 1!”

4) What Education Did Parents Want Instead?

There were a number of things wrong with her daughter’s previous school which led to her daughter starting to lose her love of learning. Find out what Ivy was looking for from a school.

“I went looking for something more worthy of the 21st century. I wanted something more effective in real life.”

5) What Role Would Technology Play?

Technology is a valuable tool used for research and learning rather than a method of babysitting.

6) What’s Special About Pear Tree’s Approach?

Ivy discusses Pear Tree’s theme-based approach to education, including its use of hands-on learning.

“This is just awesome!”

7) Pear Tree’s Meaningful Use of Technology

In the previous clip, Ivy discusses how she could never be in a school that only uses technology. Like us, Ivy believes that it’s so important that students are using their hands! At the same time, she loves the way that we integrate technology meaningfully.

“They’re learning how to use programs from an early age that they will continue to use in the professional world, like Google Slides and learning how to type.”

8) What Would She Change About Pear Tree?

Ivy took it upon herself to improve the parent connection and involvement at Pear Tree Elementary.

“I took all of the examples from our previous school. We now have an email group, WhatsApp chat…”

9) Why Not Single-Sex Schools?

Ivy shares why it is important to her that her daughter learns to interact with both boys and girls.

“I want my kid to learn to be friends with every type of person. Gender is one of those things.”

10) Vancouver’s Private School Options

Ivy says that there are few choices in Vancouver for creative, open-minded and innovative schools.

“We were leaving an elite school. A similar school was not really an option, as we did not really like that kind of schooling.”

11) When Did Pear Tree Elementary Become An Option?

After looking at Pear Tree’s website, social media sites and reading many Google reviews, Ivy went with her gut and made the move to Pear Tree Elementary.

12) How Pear Tree Connects Kids To Real World

Students are easily integrated into the community through supporting local businesses, using public transit, and going to the public library.

“We didn’t want her to be living in a bubble, like a big campus. She is now part of the community she is living in.”

13) Pear Tree Elementary vs Another New School?

Pear Tree Elementary felt very warm and welcoming to Ivy. She loves Pear Tree’s healthy hot lunch program cooked by our in-house chef.

“It’s just the gut feeling I got from Pear Tree – it was just so warm. I just liked the feel of Pear Tree better.”

14) High School A Consideration

Ivy wanted to give her daughter the best education possible from an early age.

15) Final Decision Factors

After an initial meeting with the director, they did a family interview and then a trial day.

“The school’s values and how they take choosing teachers so seriously. I think teachers make the school.”

16) Daughter’s Trial Day Reaction

Learn about her daughter’s positive experience during her trial day.

“Best day ever! And I ate 3 servings of lunch!”

17) Since Joining Pear Tree Elementary

Both Ivy and her daughter have been so much happier since making the move to Pear Tree.

“My creative kid is coming back!”

18) Favourite 3 Things About Pear Tree

What are Ivy’s 3 x favourite parts about Pear Tree Elementary? Watch this clip to find out!

19) Advice for Other Parents About Switching to Pear Tree Elementary

Advice for parents who are looking to make the move to Pear Tree after grade 1. 

“I would just say, don’t stress; everything is going to be fine.”

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