Grades K - 1: Early Years

Pear Tree Elementary’s Early Years Program sets the foundations not just of your child’s education, but their whole life. Our astounding private kindergarten school takes a theme-based and whole-child approach to the B.C. curriculum will nurture your child’s academic abilities, social and emotional development, and physical growth.

  • Pear Tree Elementary Pear Tree approach
  • Strong foundations in early literacy Maximum class sizes of 15 students
  • K-1 Student About Pear Tree
  • Pear Tree Elementary
  • Strong foundations in early literacy
  • K-1 Student
  • Pear Tree approach
  • About Pear Tree
  • Maximum class sizes of 15 students

Each day will be one of wonder and enjoyment as they engage in new and exciting hands-on activities. Through play-based learning (guided play, dramatic play, and free play) your child will learn to process and make sense of what they are studying. Furthermore, Pear Tree’s daily physical education classes and Healthy Hot Lunch Program will provide the healthiest start for your child’s brain and body.

Delivered by Pear Tree Elementary’s passionate teachers (all with masters of education degrees M.Ed.) – who are experts in these early years – you can be confident that you have given your child the best educational and life opportunities. What is more, Pear Tree’s advanced teaching methods ensure that every child loves learning, feels valued, and has a place in our amazing school!

Our primary goals for your child are to develop:

  • Strong foundations in early literacy, numeracy, art and science
  • Social-emotional abilities so that children can regulate themselves and are in tune with others
  • Age-appropriate independence
  • Higher-level thinking skills (problem solving and critical thinking)
  • Basic technology skills using iPads

Kindergarten at Pear Tree

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