2019/20 Tuition fees & payment schedule

Pear Tree Elementary has annual fees of
$16,125 for domestic students.

Pear Tree Elementary has annual fees of
$19,350 for international students.

Annual fees are paid in 3 x instalments:

1st Payment due May 31, 2019: $5,375 ($6,450 international)

2nd Payment due September 30, 2019: $5,375 ($6,450 international)

3rd Payment due January 31, 2020: $5,375 ($6,450 international)

Payment methods

1) Bank Draft or Cheque

Payments by can be made by cheque or bank draft. Cheques should be made payable to Pear Tree Elementary. If you are mailing your cheque, please ensure that you enclose details for which student you are paying.

2) Interac

Interac card payments can be made at our school location.

3) Wire Transfer

Wire transfers in Canadian dollars are accepted. Please contact us for our bank details. Please ensure that your child’s name is mentioned in the wire description.

4) On-Line Banking

Using your online banking, you can add Pear Tree Elementary to your list of payees using our bank details.

Please note, we do not accept cash or credit card payments for school tuition fees.

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