Interview with PBL educator, Drew Perkins
by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Interview: PBL & Progressive Educator – Drew Perkins

by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Drew Perkins, a project-based learning (PBL) proponent and educator, and who is the Director of Professional Development at TeachThought – a professional development organisation for teachers and schools for implementing project-based learning.

Drew is also the co-host of the TeachThought Podcast, and has interviewed hundreds of educators, education leaders, and thought leaders, including myself, about all kinds of views on education.

As this is a long interview, I’ve created chapters so that viewers can skip to specific parts if they don’t have the time to listen to the whole interview. There are also closed captions!

I’ve also included links below for Drew’s organisations, as well as some resources that he mentions in the video. I’ve also included the link to Drew’s interview with me if anyone cares to listen to that.

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TeachThought Pro-D Website, Blog & Podcast

Drew’s interview of Paul:…

Drew’s Twitter

Drew’s Recommended Reading………