Meet Our Classroom Teachers

At Pear Tree School, our masters-qualified teachers have a passion for education, with a natural ability to mentor, challenge, and inspire students to excel. Each teacher embodies the values, beliefs, and philosophy we promote in our school.

Jordyn Garinger
Grade 2 Teacher
M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A.
Jordyn Garinger

Jordyn is deeply passionate about fostering progressive educational methodologies that cater to the holistic needs of the child. Especially committed to supporting underserved children, Jordyn’s drive led her to the University of Toronto where she pursued and earned a Master’s of Education degree in Social Justice Education, focusing on decolonizing traditional pedagogies. This fervor to transform traditional educational practices is palpable in her alignment with Pear Tree School’s mission, where she sees education as a potent tool for social change. Her educational philosophy emphasizes inquiry-based learning and embracing the uniqueness of each student, and her experience as a Design Thinking Experience Researcher at the University of Toronto further attests to her dedication to improve the student experience from a position of empathy and understanding.

Her professional journey, spanning over six years, has been marked by roles that demonstrate her commitment to inclusive, diverse, and equity-focused education.

Jordyn’s impressive educational qualifications, including a Bachelor of Education with a major in English Education from the University of Lethbridge and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Humanities and minor in Indigenous Studies, provide a solid foundation for her progressive pedagogical approaches.

Christina Sanfilippo
Grade K/1 Teacher
M.Ed. (in progress) B.Ed., B.A./B.Sc. Hon.

Tina boasts an impressive educational background and diverse teaching experience that spans across continents. She started her academic journey at Lakehead University in Orillia, ON, Canada, where she pursued an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and followed that with a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Primary/Junior Concurrent Education. Currently, Tina is further enriching her educational credentials with a Professional Masters of Education from Queens University, specializing as a Classroom Specialist.

Tina’s teaching career has taken her around the world. From the classrooms of Canada and the UK to Australia and New Zealand, she’s played various roles: from a Grade 2/3 teacher in Canada, to roles in Melbourne, Australia, and various teaching stints in London, UK.

More than her qualifications and global experience, what truly sets Tina apart is her educational philosophy, which she dubs “supervised exploration.” Stemming from her personal experiences during her solo travels, she believes in fostering an environment where students’ curiosities aren’t just acknowledged but celebrated. While Tina recognizes the importance of fundamental knowledge, she also sees the immense value in letting students learn through their inquiries, mistakes, and passions. Her goal as an educator is twofold: impart the essential knowledge while also nurturing the critical thinking, problem-solving, and social skills that come from exploration and self-driven learning.

Peter Stack
Grade 3/4 Teacher
M.Ed., B.A.
Peter Stack

Peter is an accomplished educator with a rich academic background and diverse professional experiences. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Irish from University College Cork, he further pursued and successfully obtained a Professional Master’s in Education from Hibernia College, Ireland, with a specialization in inclusion. This deep educational foundation is complemented by his diverse teaching roles that include serving as a Grade 2 teacher at Scoil Barra Primary School.

Central to Peter’s teaching philosophy are 3 pillars: a student-centered approach, holistic development, and relevance in education. He believes in tailoring education to the individual needs and capabilities of the student, viewing deviations from planned lessons as opportunities for enhanced learning. Holistic development is paramount, ensuring that the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of students are nurtured in conjunction. Lastly, Peter emphasizes the importance of teaching relevant content that resonates with students, preparing them for real-world challenges and integrating their community into the learning process. Through these values, Peter aligns closely with the ethos of Pear Tree School.

Also, Peter’s accreditation as a National Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach and Judge speaks to his dedication to holistic education, ensuring both mental and physical growth of students.

Daragh Sweeney
Grade 5-7 Teacher
M.Ed., B.Ed., Hon.
Daragh Sweeney

Daragh, an Irish elementary school teacher with 6 years of experience, hails from Dublin. He holds an impressive academic background with a First Class Honours Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Literacy Education from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. He also furthered his skills with a Professional Diploma in Graphic Design from University College Dublin.

Daragh ardently supports modern teaching methodologies aimed at preparing students for the challenges of the 21st Century. He identifies closely with Pear Tree School’s educational philosophy, believing in the inclusion of contemporary literacies, such as visual literacy, to equip students for a digital age. He is particularly passionate about introducing coding to young learners.

Katelyn Jmaeff
Maternity Leave
M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A.

Before joining Pear Tree School, Katelyn taught for 3 years for a private school in West Vancouver. Her middle and high school teaching experience (Grades 8 to 10) provides Pear Tree experience with the opening of Pear Tree School’s middle school year program.

Katelyn has a B.A. in Environmental Geography and a B.Ed. from University of B.C. Her Masters of Education degree is in Education for Sustainability, and she also has a CEFR level B1 French Language qualification.

At the core of Katelyn’s personal teaching philosophy are differentiation, social innovation, experiential and place-based learning, and competency-based assessment.

Pear Tree faculty are proud to have earned top achievements as educators bringing technology enriched experiences to the classrooms.