Meet Our Specialist Teachers

Meet our Specialist Faculty & Staff, a dedicated team of experts further enriching our students’ educational journey. From P.E. to French, music, and beyond, they bring unique skills and passion to Pear Tree School.

Alisa Campagnolo
P.E. Teacher
B.Ed., B.Sc.
Alisa Campagnolo

Alisa is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator specializing in primary and junior grade instruction. Alisa’s experience is enhanced by her role as an Outdoor Educator, where she focused on experiential learning and field school programs for primary and junior students. This unique position allowed her to witness firsthand the impact of outdoor education on students’ growth and development. Additionally, her tenure as an Outdoor Education Instructor at the University of Guelph Arboretum have equipped her with the skills to foster both cognitive and emotional development in children.

Alisa brings a wealth of experiences that make her ideal for the role of Physical Education Teacher at Pear Tree School. Her background in science, specifically from the University of Guelph where she graduated with honors in Environmental Sciences, provides her with an extended set of knowledge she aims to integrate into her teaching methodologies. As a passionate outdoor enthusiast, she regularly engages in activities like hiking, biking, skiing. Importantly, Alisa holds numerous certifications in first aid, concussion training, and wilderness aid.

Furthermore, Alisa believes in the power of 21st-century education as a foundation for students’ future academic and personal growth. Her commitment is evident in her approach to supporting students holistically, from their intellectual to physical to social-emotional development.

Typhaine Marque-Gicquaire
French Teacher
M.A., B.A., DELF A1-B2

Typhaine has amassed a wealth of experience as a French teacher, fostering an adaptive teaching style and a broad approach to instruction, having taught in various international contexts. Born in France, Typhaine moved to Canada in 2022 where she started work with the Alliance Française of Manitoba. There, she engaged with multicultural learners, introducing children from grades 1 to 8 to the French language through songs and games.

Her earlier work includes roles in Tosse, France, as an online French teacher where she engaged in pedagogical activities centered on French music and cinema. At Hongik University in South Korea, Typhaine served as a trainee, assisting in courses, preparing students for the DELF B1/B2 exam, and organizing French conversation and composition classes for intermediate-level learners.

Academically, Typhaine is well-educated, holding multiple degrees from respected institutions. She achieved a Master’s degree focusing on the didactics of French as a foreign and second language from both the University of La Reunion and Paul-Valéry Montpellier University. Her interest in Asian languages and culture is evident through her Bachelor’s degrees in Korean and Chinese languages from Bordeaux Montaigne University, where she also participated in language study programs in Seoul. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Language Science.

JR Kline
Music Teacher

JR works with our kindergarteners on singing and percussion, our grades 1-3 on learning the ukulele, and our grades 4-8 on the guitar. He also practices composing songs, singing, and concert preparation with our students.

In line with Pear Tree School’s educational philosophy, all of JR’s classes are focused on the themes and topics that we’re currently working on, which will provide natural and meaningful inspiration for music. JR’s songwriting, music producing and live performance experience are all great tools for this process.

JR works in various parts of Metro Vancouver from the North Shore to Richmond with students from K-12. He also works for Deep Cove Music as their head instructor and has been running Group Guitar/Voice classes for the Squamish Nation and The North Shore Neighborhood House.

Treasa McKiernan
Learning Support
Treasa McKiernan

Treasa is an elementary school teacher with over 6 years’ of classroom teaching experience. Born and educated in Ireland, Treasa’s expertise is partly in the early childhood principles of Friedrich Fröbel, who pioneered the kindergarten movement. In addition, Treasa has a broad background of additional training and experience in physical education.

Treasa joined Pear Tree’s team in January 2023 as a full-time Classroom Assistant, working primarily with our youngest classes. She has now transitioned in our new Learning Support role.

Treasa also teaches at our Pro-D camps, spring camps and summer camps.

Makayla Reed
Associate Teacher
B.Ed., M.Ed. (in progress)
Makayla Reed

Makayla is an enthusiastic Associate Teacher at Pear Tree School, known for her dedication to promoting student learning and individual potential. With a proven ability to manage classroom environments effectively, she prioritizes using positive and forward-thinking methods to enhance student behavior. She is adept at building caring relationships with students, showcasing her analytical mindset and commendable decision-making skills. Organized and reliable, Makayla consistently demonstrates her ability to handle multiple responsibilities with a proactive attitude and is always ready to take on extra tasks to achieve team objectives.

In her previous role as a Grade 4 Teacher in Alberta, Makayla showed proficiency in assessing student progress, managing classrooms, and creating lessons that cater to varied learning needs. Notably, she took the initiative to lead the grade 4-6 after-school sports club, and she represented as a teacher for the school science fair program. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Elementary Education from the University of Alberta and Red Deer College. Additionally, she was honored with the Edwin Parr Award by the Fort Vermilion School Division in June 2022, marking her exceptional contributions in the education field.

Heather Parsons
Associate Teacher
ECE Diploma
Heather Parsons

Heather possesses an extensive background in early childhood education and care. With a vibrant and dynamic approach to teaching, she emphasizes the value of both active and quiet learning moments. Whether it’s guiding preschoolers in singing, dancing, and game-playing during circle times or nurturing them during quieter moments of reading, writing, and skill development, Heather prioritizes instilling self-confidence, openness, and a sense of pride in her students. Her professional journey includes roles such as an English tutor, preschool teacher, and Children’s Centre Manager at esteemed institutions.

Additionally, Heather has provided dedicated service as a nanny, demonstrating her commitment to child growth both inside and outside the classroom. Heather’s educational credentials include a Montessori Teacher’s Certification and a diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Pear Tree faculty are proud to have earned top achievements as educators bringing technology enriched experiences to the classrooms.