About Pear Tree

Established in 2011, Pear Tree’s innovative learning is leading the way for Metro Vancouver schools with a technology-enriched, innovative, and research-backed approach to education.

Pear Tree School was created in response to the problem that public and private / independent school education models are outdated, and that children are not learning relevant life skills nor developing the confidence that will enable them to excel in and out of the classroom.

Our Facilities

Located on West Broadway in the heart of Kitsilano, the school is close to the beach, forests, parks, and local transportation.

Our custom-built facility provides a learning environment that is bright, modern, and welcoming. Classrooms are equipped with the latest in interactive SMARTboard technology, with Cisco Meraki wifi connectivity throughout. Our open concept encourages the collaboration and hands-on learning that we believe in so strongly.

Pear Tree School has recently completed an $800,000 facility expansion and upgrade to accommodate up to 80 students plus staff. It now offers five spacious classrooms, a commercial-grade kitchen, a reception area, a directors’ office, a teacher’s office, non-gendered washrooms, and a separate suite for teacher meetings and storage.

(Pear Tree School is certified by the BC Ministry of Education as a Group 3 Independent School: Certificate No. 3996918)

Our Mission

At Pear Tree School, we teach children to connect and apply education to real life. We strive to provide the skills and resources students need to develop into strong learners, able thinkers, and contributing members of their community and world.

A healthy mind, body, and respect for all things — that’s what Pear Tree promises. And that’s what Pear Tree delivers.

In line with this goal, students are educated to encompass current academic and social-emotional objectives, including:

  • Executive functions (e.g. working memory, focus, self control)
  • Higher-order thinking (e.g. critical thinking, problem solving)
  • Socio-emotional skills (e.g. empathy, sympathy, ethics/morals, self-esteem)
  • Collaborative skills
  • Leadership & public speaking
  • Learning how to learn