by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Let’s Talk Money: Is Private School Tuition Worth It?

by Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Students in private schools have a 9% higher standardized test score compared to those in public schools. The study further suggests that 22% of those who attended private schools achieved higher education qualification compared to those who attended public schools. This goes a long way to show you why the private schooling system is important.

Most parents want their children to get a quality education so that they can succeed in life. The biggest concern, however, is the high college expense. They struggle with the idea of whether or not to send their kids to private schools which seems to be an unnecessary expense.

You want the best for your kids, but you’re worried about the costs of private schooling? Here’s everything you need to know about private school tuition costs.

Private Schools Come with Unique Costs

If you are contemplating whether or not to take your child to a private school, you have to take into account other costs outside of supplies, books, and tuition. If you can cover the extra expenses, then a private school is right for you.

However, if you are stretching your budget to cover tuition, any other expenses will make it difficult for you to afford. In public schools, most of the extracurricular activities cost a nominal amount or are free.

You might have to part with more money at private schools, but your kids will enjoy diverse co-curricular activities. The activities focus on areas such as friendship, leadership, and teamwork.  This is great as it makes them have a competitive edge over those in public schools.

Better Teacher-Student Interaction

One of the factors that contributes to students’ success is the one-on-one interaction with their teachers. Not many parents enroll their kids in private schools. This is why most private schools have smaller classroom sizes which subsequently lead to higher levels of teacher-student interaction.

Such interaction has been linked to higher overall happiness in the classroom, higher retention of information, and higher test scores. 

A Safer Environment

At a private school, you won’t have to worry about your kid falling into bad company, made fun of, or being beaten up. Private schools have a strict school safety policy that plays a vital role in ensuring that student’s welfare is taken care of.

In a study conducted by the Fraser Institute, around 85% of parents with kids in private schools believe that their school was safe, which significantly improves the child’s educational experience and achievement.

Private Schools Produce Better Outcomes

Education is designed to prepare your child to become literate and adults who can contribute positively to society. Parents want to see their children succeed financially, and a private school is the best way to achieve that!

Students in private schools tend to perform better than those in public schools because they have dedicated staff that is more focused on college admissions.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most students who attend private schools make their way to college to complete degree programs. The higher acceptance rate is attributed to the higher SAT scores which are achieved due to the high standard of education in private schools. 

Teachers That Care

In private schools, every teacher cares about his/her students. They also feel empowered because the kids respect them.  A school with caring teachers helps to raise better students. Some private schools have a learning resource center instead of a library.

Teachers use the center to help shape the students into embracing new career paths that they might have otherwise not considered. 

A Larger Academic Curriculum

A great school should help students learn something new that will lead them to a more successful life. Private schools are great at providing a wider range of classes due to more funding. If your child wants to learn about online media, glass blowing, laser cutting, or Ruby on Rails, there is plenty of opportunity in private schools.

Quality Education

Public schools rely on government funding to run their operations. If the money isn’t remitted on time, they might have to cut on a number of operations! The good thing about private schools is that they are privately funded which means that they can always run their operations with few hitches.

This way, your child gets to have the best education possible. The private schools’ curriculum is also focused more on preparing children for college (and life).

Religious Reasons

Religion in education often gets bad press. What most people don’t know is that it can help shape students in different ways. Religious education emphasizes respect for others regardless of their social status, race, or beliefs.

It also helps combat prejudice which is important in a world that is constantly fraught with hatred, division, and extremism.

Private schools have a tie-in with religious purposes. A good number of private schools have religious affiliations, and this is great for children as they learn the value of discipline.

Parental Involvement

The private schooling system is built around open communication between administration and parents. Private schools make it a priority to involve parents in the community through frequent social events.

The events range from parents breakfasts, participation in parents committee’s fundraising initiatives, to frequent parent-teacher meetings. This helps strengthen the parent-child relationship which results in even better performance outcomes.

A Student’s Drive Determines Value

The average cost of private school can sometimes be overwhelming to average parents. That’s why children should be inclined to learn and push themselves.

Private schools can give your child a quality education, but it’s equally important to figure out your child’s interest. This will help you push them to pursue their dreams. 

Is Private School Tuition Worth It?

Parents always invest in their children’s education. If you have the capability, enrolling your child to a private school is the best decision you can make because these schools offer the best education.

Every parent is passionate about their child’s education! They will do everything they can to ensure their kids do well.

While most private school tuition fees can be significantly high, your child is guaranteed of quality education thanks to an ideal academic curriculum and teachers who care.

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