Give your Child The Pear Tree Advantage

At Pear Tree Elementary, your child will be inspired to excel beyond the normal parameters of traditional school systems through a truly progressive and enriched approach to education – one that cultivates their curiosity, confidence, independent thinking and ability to authentically apply what they learn in life.

Education becomes meaningful and relevant by connecting it to real life in real ways. Our entire team leads by example. And, we do so in a vibrant, safe, learning environment.

Each child needs the tools, skills, and strategies to navigate academically, socio-emotionally, and physically. What is more, Pear Tree Elementary students are educated to encompass those 21st century objectives.

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A Few of Our Differentiators

What distinguishes Pear Tree Elementary from all other private elementary schools?

  • Project-Based Learning

    Our subjects are integrated and taught together via weekly and monthly themes. Research shows we learn best when topics are interwoven and blended, just as they are in life. Projects allow students to blend knowledge together in a meaningful and integrated way, as well as applying critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and public speaking skills.

  • Life and Leadership Skills

    We include life skills necessary for the real world, such as organization and other executive functions, (planning, focus, self-control, perseverance, growth mindset, tech ability, public speaking, and leadership). Social-emotional skills like empathy, sympathy, ethics/morals, and self-esteem are also an equally important part of everything we do.

  • Healthy Hot Lunch

    It's a scientific fact that the food a child eats has a direct influence on their academic, emotional, and physical performance. Our healthy hot lunch program provides the nutrition your child needs. Beyond that, cooking is part of our curriculum, and is used to teach science, math, social studies, collaboration, and much more!

  • Beyond the BC Curriculum

    Yes, if your child attends Pear Tree Elementary, they will cover the requirements of the B.C. curriculum - and so much more! We find ways to extend far past the B.C. curriculum in exciting and relevant ways. Our students reach higher benchmarks and standards!

  • Dynamic Fitness

    Our students receive a full hour of dynamic physical education each day. Traditional sports, plus martial arts, yoga, swimming, sailing, and more. During this time, students also learn about science (including human kinetics), math, strategy, teamwork, leadership, psychology, and perseverance in the fully integrated approach that Pear Tree is based on. The learning never stops.

  • Higher-level Thinking

    Critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity are central to our teaching philosophy and style. We find opportunities to include them in each instructional day.

  • Technology Integration

    Our facility, teachers, and students make use of iPads, Surface Pros, SMARTboards, and various other devices to enhance and expand learning and understanding in the classroom.

  • Local First

    We live in an interconnected world - a global village. But before children can appreciate the world at large, they need to know, understand, and respect the world on their doorstep.

  • Whole-Child Approach

    Pear Tree Elementary is unique in cultivating solid academic, socio-emotional, and physical roots that will nourish them throughout life. All three work in partnership and must not be neglected.

  • Meaningful Learning

    Pear Tree strives to make learning immediately relevant and important by connecting it to the real world at every stage. Our students' education is not just theoretical. It’s practical and useful in their current and future lives.

  • Learning How to Learn

    We teach our students to move beyond simple memorization to fully understand how they learn best. No two children learn in the same way at the same speed.

  • Conquer the Provincial Exams

    The BC Provincial Exam feels tailor made for Pear Tree's educational approach!

BC Provincial Exams

No school will prepare your child better for the new BC Provincial Exams than Pear Tree!

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are only 2 x Provincial Exams:

  1. Literacy (Grade 10/12) (sample exam)
  2. Numeracy (Grade 10) (sample exam)

Next, as Pear Tree knows very well, employers, universities and colleges “are looking for a new type of graduate—one with strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills” (BCCPAC)

These exams have therefore been completely overhauled to put an emphasis on:

    • Interdisciplinary Knowledge
    • Application to Real Life
    • Critical thinking & Problem Solving Skills

If you are familiar with Pear Tree, you’ll know that all of these things are the heart and soul of our uniquely progressive educational approach!

“These new Provincial Exams seem tailor-made for Pear Tree’s educational approach!”
(Paul Romani, Pear Tree’s co-founder)

Sample of Numeracy on Provincial Exam

As you’ll see from the following real-life application of numeracy below, “provincial graduation assessments require students to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in realistic contexts” (BC Ministry of Education).

BC Provincial Exam Numeracy Sample BC Provincial Exam Numeracy Sample BC Provincial Exam Numeracy Sample BC Provincial Exam Numeracy Sample

BC Provincial Exam Numeracy Sample

Because You Want the Best for Your Child

Choosing a school for them can be a daunting and monumental task.

At Pear Tree Elementary, we let our program speak for itself. Talk to our students. Chat with our parents. Who better to explain what sets us apart?

Come see for yourself why Pear Tree Elementary is like no other school in Vancouver.

Visit Pear Tree

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  • Seamless integration of technology Private Schools Vancouver
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  • Maximum class sizes of 16 students
  • Seamless integration of technology
  • private schools vancouver
  • Private schools vancouver
  • Healthy Hot Lunch Program
  • Private Schools Vancouver

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