by Alexis Birner

Coding With Kids

by Alexis Birner

Coding, or computer programming, is a super hot topic in education right now- in fact, Premier Christy Clark is pushing to have coding be part of the B.C. curriculum!

Coding is a set of simple instructions or rules, generally for a computer. As humans, we use codes or basic routines every day though: the routine you go through to get ready in the morning, driving to work or school, or following directions from a teacher. Of course, many variables can disrupt our code, such as traffic or sleeping through our alarm! We are programmed to problem-solve and figure out a way around the variable.

It is suggested that coding become a part of the technology curriculum for students in grades 6 and up. Coding shouldn’t be just for older student though; we believe that coding develops many skills beyond computer programming, and that it can be done with children as young as those in kindergarten! Recognizing patterns, thinking about “if this, then that” conditions, and even using their bodies are ways that simple coding skills can be developed with youngsters.

Whether or not your child enjoys computers, or whether or not you think they will go into computer programming, you should consider exposing your child to coding for the variety of life skills it develops, including:

  • critical thinking
  • logical reasoning
  • determination, and working through a problem
  • flexible thinking
  • creativity
  • planning and predicting

Another great article titled Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner’s Resources for Parents by Edutopia goes through the ways you can support them in their coding adventures! See the article for details:

Here are some suggested coding apps you could try over the summer!

K-grade 3:

TynkerScratch Jr.HopscotchDaisy the Dinosaur
TynkerScratch Jr.HopscotchDaisy the Dinosaur

Grade 3 and up:

ScratchLightbotCargo-BotMove the Turtle
Scratch 2LightbotCargo-BotMove the Turtle

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