Points of Culture

Pear Tree’s “13-points of culture” is the heart of our school. It defines the core values of the Pear Tree’s brand and our community.


I am dedicated to the mission, values, and success of Pear Tree School. I always put the school’s objectives first and recommend it to others.

Quality Education

I am committed to providing the highest quality education based on the Pear Tree Method to all my students, constantly seeking to make the learning engaging and relevant.


I am empathetic and supportive to all members of the Pear Tree School community, striving to understand their needs and provide compassionate support.

Growth Mindset

I model a growth mindset by embracing challenges and continuously learning and improving, encouraging the same mindset in my colleagues, students, and families.


I work closely with all members of the Pear Tree School community to create a positive learning environment that aligns with the school’s mission and values.


I am dedicated to delivering exceptional quality in all aspects of my work, always looking for ways to improve and make a lasting impact on the lives of students and the school.


I communicate positively with all members of the Pear Tree School community, speaking with good intentions and avoiding gossip. I listen actively and respond in a responsible manner, treating others with respect and using their names when greeting and farewelling.


I consistently demonstrate transparency, honesty, and integrity in all my interactions with students, families, and the wider community. I am open and truthful, even when it may be difficult, and always act without fear of consequences.

Personalized Education

I strive to provide a personalized, inclusive education that meets the individual needs and interests of each of my students through the Pear Tree Method.

Professional Development

I am dedicated to my own professional growth and development, actively seeking opportunities for training, mentorship, and leadership.


I take time to celebrate my own achievements and those of my students, sharing them with my colleagues, parents, and the wider community.


I believe life should be enjoyed and appreciated, and I strive to create a fun and happy atmosphere for all those around me.

Work-Life Balance

I prioritize a healthy work-life balance in order to be my best self and support the success of Pear Tree School.