If you want to make a real impact on education, on the lives of young people, and on your own career, you’ve come to the right place!

Working at Pear Tree Elementary is an opportunity to become part of a close-knit team of individuals committed to excellence and constant improvement of: ourselves, our students, and of education.

Whether you work for Pear Tree as a teacher, principal, chef, or administrator, we are all dedicated to the same goal: improving the lives of young people living in Vancouver.

Pear Tree Elementary prides itself on assembling and retaining a first-class team. We offer highly-competitive salaries and benefits package, as well as continuous professional development.

Positions Available

Here is a list of positions available starting September 2018.

  • Teacher Interns

  • Executive Assistant

Teacher Interns

Pear Tree Elementary is offering the opportunity for newly-qualified teachers to gain valuable classroom experience. Besides this, teacher interns at Pear Tree will gain incredible knowledge and insight working alongside our elite team.

Additionally, this is the chance to learn about our fantastic 21st century teaching methodology.

This position is a 1-year contract (September 2018 – June 2019).


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Bachelor of Education (from a B.C. university) in elementary education


  • B.C. Ministry of Education Certification
  • Canadian citizenship
  • Devoted to developing the academic, social-emotional, and physical development of students
  • Lifelong learner that constantly implements and shares new and improved ideas
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Contracted Pay:

  • $45,900 (Sept 2018 – June 2019)

Executive Assistant

We’re looking for a talented individual who wants to gain experience in all aspects of entrepreneurship and business with our dynamic, up-and-coming educational company – Pear Tree Education.

Visit this website for the full job description.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher


  • Canadian citizenship or permanent residence
  • Lifelong learner that constantly implements and shares new and improved ideas
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Starting Salary:

  • $40,000 per annum + benefits package
  • 2% annual salary increase

How to Apply

1. Apply

  • Email cover letter & resume in PDF Format to
  • Ensure that cover letter & resume are written specifically for a position at Pear Tree Elementary (all ‘blanket’ resumes will be rejected immediately)
  • Resumes should illustrated the QUALITY of education/experience, not just quantity
  • Demonstrate how any qualifications, training, and experience are relevant to our school’s needs
  • Proof read before submitting
  • Please note that we only contact those selected for an interview

2. Submit Proof of Qualifications:

  • Prior to be being interviewed, we will need to see proof of qualifications

3. Interview Process

  • Depending on the job role and number of suitable candidates, there may be up to two interviews required
  • All interviews are individual interviews (i.e. we do not have group interviews)

4. Teaching Ability Check

  • We will require all applicants to demonstrate the quality of their teaching. We will do this through our school, spring camps or summer camps depending on availability. Teaching assessment will be paid for at a rate of $130/day. Lessons for this are designed by Pear Tree’s directors.
  • We will also ask for examples of the following:
    • 1 x sample Big Picture curriculum for a specific theme
    • 2 x sample lesson plans for that theme

5. References

  • 3 x references must be provided for all positions (preferably based in Canada)
  • We check all references

6. Criminal Background Check

  • As all job roles involve working with or around minors, a criminal background check is mandatory

7. Final Decision Process

  • For most positions (classroom teachers, teacher interns, and chefs), our 2018 spring and/or summer camps will be opportunities for you to demonstrate why you deserve a position at Pear Tree Elementary above all others

Pear Tree Elementary,
215-2678 West Broadway,
Vancouver, B.C.,
V6K 2G3

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