The Pear Tree Approach: Guided By How Children Learn

Pear Tree Elementary’s progressive model emphasizes hands-on, student-centered, theme and project-based learning. It includes a balanced mix of academics, integrated subjects, physical skills, socioemotional development and seamless integration of technology.

Students work collaboratively in small classes. They are mentored by teachers to be inquisitive, think critically and engage with their peers to draw on other perspectives. Together they explore diverse knowledge, tackle complex problems to achieve common goals—and develop projects that demonstrate learning, innovation and creativity.

Pear Tree Elementary delivers a well-rounded, inspired education that cultivates each child’s individuality, academic and personal lifelong success.

Combined grade classes enhance learning, help children develop stronger social-emotional skills and provide natural leadership opportunities. Through the unique Pear Tree model, students develop real-world abilities, public speaking prowess and learn – how to learn.

Daily physical activity includes individual and team-based experiences. Including diverse sports, we also integrate orienteering, yoga, sailing, dance, martial arts and more.

Pear Tree’s commitment to optimal nutrition for developing minds was an inspiration for the Healthy Hot Lunch Program. This was developed in collaboration with a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to help students optimize their academic, social-emotional and physical performance.

These two aspects are integrated into learning opportunities including cooking experiences and science concepts.

  • Student Centered Learning

  • Integrated Subjects

  • Creativity

  • Advanced Technology

  • Collaboration

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Real Life Application

  • Pear Tree method Problem solving
  • Pear Tree Elementary - International Studi Seamless integration of technology
  • Higher level thinking skills Technology
  • Pear Tree method
  • Pear Tree Elementary - International Studi
  • Higher level thinking skills
  • Problem solving
  • Technology
  • Seamless integration of technology
  • Motivation

    You want a school that motivates, inspires, and stimulates your child to learn and push their limits.

    At Pear Tree, our teachers are passionate about their school and their class, and that passion translates to enthusiasm in our students. Our teachers encourage students to try even when they’re not sure, to dismiss the idea of being “wrong” as a bad thing, and that there is no greater feeling than putting effort into their own achievements.

    Pear Tree approach

  • Quality of Teachers

    A school is only as good as its teachers. You expect the best. After all, you’re trusting them with the most precious thing in your life: your child.

    As one of the best private schools in Vancouver, Pear Tree Elementary teachers are very carefully selected not only for their superior educational credentials, but also for their abilities as skilled mentors and exceptional role models. This unique combination of Masters-degree level education and genuine dedication to teaching helps create individualized learning systems that motivate and stimulate each child’s unique learning blueprint.

    Pear Tree approach

  • Independent Thought

    You want a school that promotes independent thought and critical thinking with your son or daughter.

    At Pear Tree, we place tremendous importance on cultivating independent thought with a balance of teacher guidance and active encouragement to strike out on their own. Students quickly develop into independent thinkers, decision makers, and creative doers. They’re never afraid of “wins and losses” at school because they recognize the value of each through self-reflection, discussion with their teacher, and sharing with their peers.

    Grades 2 - 4

  • Individualized Attention

    Each child is different. And they need individualized attention in order to reach their full potential.

    Because of our small class sizes – each is capped at 15 students – your child will get the personalized attention they deserve and explore the joys of learning at a challenging and motivating pace that meets their needs.

    Pear Tree approach


  • Safety

    A school must provide a safe and secure learning environment.

    Our custom-designed facility on West Broadway is bright, welcoming, and stimulating, with controlled entrances and exits. Optimized for learning, but far from a traditional institution feel, the Pear Tree Elementary classrooms are truly a home away from home for our students. They feel safe, supported, and inspired. Every child deserves a learning environment free from threat. An atmosphere where they feel included and respected.

    That’s Pear Tree Elementary.

    Pear Tree approach

  • Classroom Instruction

    The curriculum, and more importantly, the classroom teaching style, must be clearly defined and implemented by its teachers.

    Our classroom instruction masterfully blends academic subject areas, social skills, emotional well-being, physical education, and real world application. Our teachers all believe in this holistic approach and not only teach it, but live it. They lead by example, and embody the values we promote in the classroom, on the playground, during field trips, and in their day-to-day lives.

    Pear Tree approach

  • Confidence Building

    There can be little success without the confidence to pursue it. Children need opportunities for their confidence and self-worth to grow along with their abilities.

    Our teachers celebrate student achievement with them, but also applaud risk-takers that dare to try. Success and failure are equally valuable parts of the learning process, and Pear Tree students develop the confidence to take those risks, share those experiences, and learn from their mistakes. In that sense, there really isn’t such a thing as “failure”. It all moves us forward. Our students are taught to see everything as a learning opportunity.

    What’s more, our combined classes expose our students to all types of learners. No one ever feels above or below grade-level because they’re surrounded by peers with a diverse range of learning styles, speeds, and achievement. Everyone is right where they’re supposed to be.

    Project-Based Learning


Watch Your Child Flourish at Pear Tree.

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