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Admissions Form
You are about to make a formal application for admission to Pear Tree Elementary. Please agree to the following before proceeding.

I/We jointly and severally:

  1. Agree to give full disclosure at the time of application of all confidential information: educational evaluations, psychological assessments, or special medical needs relevant to our child’s application.
  2. Agree to be responsible for the fees as outlined on our website and application form.
  3. Agree to the conditions, notice, payment and refund of fees in the event of withdrawal or expulsion of our son/daughter.
  4. Agree to provide the applicant with the prescribed school uniform.
  5. Agree to provide proof of BC residency and citizenship or legal status of parent or legal guardian.
  6. Agree to provide proof of Medical Insurance coverage or BC Medical number and immunization records.
  7. Agree to support the rules and policies of Pear Tree Elementary, which would be provided prior to acceptance.
  8. The province of British Columbia requires that all students residing in Canada for a period longer than three months have a BC Medical Plan Number. Children without a valid BC Care Card will not be permitted to travel on field trips or participate in activities off the school premises until they receive their BC Medical Number.


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Student Information
Child's Gender
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Admissions Form - Parent Information

Parent Status

Parent Status
Admissions Form - Additional Information
Is Your Child Immunized?
Has your child ever received any academic / psychological evaluations or assessments outside school?
Application Checklist

Please note if attachments are too large, you can email them to us after to our Admissions email address.

Parent's Proof of Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Study/Work Visa
Scanned copy of Canadian government identification (ID, driver's license, or passport)
Scanned copy of student's passport
A copy of student's report cards from the last 2 years (if applicable)
Any other information about the student (including but not limited to academic / psychological evaluations or assessments)
Any English Language Learning (ELL) addendums
Application Fee Payment (non-refundable)
$ 315
Stripe Card Placeholder

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