Hear from parents

Why would Vancouver parents choose Pear Tree School over public or other private schools?

These parents’ interviews were conducted by Our Kids.net. For the purposes of viewability, we have divided the videos based on each question asked. Please view these clips below.

Reasons for leaving an elite private school
The Decision Process for Choosing Pear Tree
When did Pear Tree become an option?
How Pear Tree connects kids to the real world
What’s special about Pear Tree’s approach?
How Her Child Has Responded to Pear Tree
What Her Child Likes Most!
What She Appreciates Most As A Parent!
What Surprised Her?
Pear Tree’s Highest Values
Child’s Proudest Achievement At Pear Tree
Why You Should Choose Pear Tree
How Pear Tree Could Improve
What would she change about Pear Tree?
Typical Pear Tree Family
Advice for other parents about switching to Pear Tree School
Her Advice For New Families