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7 Key Benefits of Attending Private Elementary School

by Guest Post

Over the course of your son or daughter’s childhood, you are going to have to make a lot of important decisions for them. You want them to have all the best opportunities in life.

One of the biggest decisions you will make is about their education.

Early education is crucial for child development. So you want to be sure you’re making the right choice.

If you’re currently considering private elementary schools, keep reading to learn about the benefits of this educational environment. 

1. Your Child Will Learn More

Private elementary schools offer a more challenging academic environment. Your child will learn advanced math, science, reading comprehension, and more. 

Educators will help your child develop knowledge and skills that they can use beyond elementary school. Children get accustomed to completing homework assignments, solving problems, and working with other students.

Some private schools are adopting a theme-based curriculum which focuses on real-life application. It focuses on knowledge retention and critical thinking. This type of curriculum challenges students to think differently and work towards answers by using context clues.

Private schools have the advantage of controlling the curriculum and adjusting as needed. They will help your child learn and grow faster than they would in a less challenging environment.

2. Student-Teacher Ratio

How can children learn and get the help they need in a classroom with 25 other students?

They can’t! Which is why the student-teacher ratio is so important. 

Private schools keep class sizes small so that the educators can get to know every student. They can tailor their approach based on each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, they can help each child take advantage of their strengths while addressing areas that need improvement. 

Students in small classes are encouraged to participate. They develop their voice and can overcome feeling shy or insecure. They are also more comfortable asking for attention from teachers.

Class sizes in private schools are often half the size of public school classes. So if class size is important to you, consider helping your child apply for private school.

3. More Funding 

Private schools usually have more funding. This money is put back into the school to provide exciting opportunities for the students. 

Funding can help pay for advanced technology students can use to learn new skills. In a technology-focused world, learning things like coding will set your child up for success in their future education.

More money also means funding for art programs. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that use their creative skills.

Some private schools also use funding for healthy school lunch programs. It’s convenient for you because you won’t have to prepare them for lunch and you can be assured that it’s healthy! Healthy eating gives children the energy and focus they need to learn and reach their potential. 

4. Affordable Before and After School Care

Many private schools host before and after school programs for students. This is perfect for working parents that want their children to spend time in a safe environment during non-school hours.

Private schools usually have programs for students before and after school so that they can socialize, finish homework, and continue their learning in a different environment.

Schools recognize that parents may not be able to afford expensive one-on-one child care outside of school, so the programs are usually delivered for a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in before and/or after school care for your child, make sure to ask about it during your school tour. You may even be able to meet the team that runs the program. 

5. Preparation for Continued Education

Your child’s early education often dictates how successful they are in high school and even in college. In a private school environment, kids are able to explore how they best learn. Once they learn how to learn, the sky is the limit.

Private schools prepare students on how to read, write, and study. It also teaches them how to manage time, solve problems, and get along with their peers. Children are encouraged to ask questions and be curious in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s never too early to be thinking about your child’s college education. A good educational foundation provides knowledge, skills, and confidence. Your child will believe they are “good at school” and therefore continue to challenge themselves.

6. Community

Happy students, involved parents, and passionate teachers make a school community strong. In a private school environment, you get all three!

With fewer students, teachers can build relationships with each student and their parents. Parents are encouraged to be involved and participate in their child’s education. Teachers are very transparent with parents about the progress their child is making.

If the school community is important to you, think about private school. You will meet other parents and parents of alumni that you can learn from. 

Your child will also feel the benefits of the community. It will allow them to feel safe, secure, and included.

7. Shared Philosophy

Private schools often have a learning philosophy that dictates the curriculum and attitude of the teachers and students. The shared philosophy holds everyone accountable to do their part.

For example, some schools prioritize a hands-on approach which involves learning through all your senses. Many private schools use a student-centered approach which encourages students to be independent and take an active role in their learning.

You can ask about the school philosophy or learning model during your tour. You want to know that there is a unified vision of how learning will happen.

Choosing Among Private Elementary Schools

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the benefits of private elementary school education. But when it comes to choosing among several private elementary schools, the decision can be difficult.

Do some research, make a list of your top priorities, and always ask about taking a tour. Ask plenty of questions and pick the environment you think will best support your child.

If you’re interested in applying to Pear Tree School, contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.