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4 Unique Benefits of Private School Education for Children

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Benefits of Private School Education

Learn some of the top benefits of private school education for elementary-aged children, including what differentiates our educational approach.

There are many ways in which private and public schools differ; for example, did you know that, on average, private schools are roughly a quarter of the size of public schools?

The world is rapidly changing. There are many distractions that your child could be facing that they might never have faced in generations prior. Because of this, you have to be more vigilant than ever in making sure your child gets the benefits of private school education.

It’s important to understand the benefits of private school education. By doing this, you can consider whether or not it might be the best option to send your child to a private elementary school.

This article will walk you through four unique benefits of attending a private school.

1. Smaller Class Size

One of the greatest benefits of private primary school is the smaller class sizes. As mentioned earlier, most private schools are much smaller than public schools. This gives your child the advantage of individualized education.

While children will take many of the same classes and achieve the same degree in public and private schools, education is about much more than the classes taken. Smaller class sizes will mean that your child is more likely to pay attention in class and more likely to make a connection with their teacher.

All of this means one thing: Your child is more likely to learn. It’s no secret that many students — even successful ones — gain high marks in school by stuffing information into their brains by rote memorization. This method works well for doing well on tests, but the information leaves the brain quickly after the class is over.

If you want your child to reap the benefits of private school education that lasts them a lifetime, consider sending them to a private school with small class sizes. Small classes mean your child is more likely to make an effort to truly understand the material. There’s a reason why we learn topics like English, History, Mathematics, and Science — understanding these fields leads to a more prosperous life.

benefits of private school education

2. Types of Classes

However, the size of the class isn’t the only consideration; the kinds of classes are important too. Public schools are government-designed to give children the bare minimum for education. When elective classes are offered, they’re usually based on the qualifications that individual teachers happen to have. That’s another of the benefits of private school education.

Many private schools focus on specifically crafting a specialized experience for students. They often offer courses in the arts: You can regularly find private schools with wonderful programs for theatre, well-funded opportunities for music, and even a high priority on visual arts.

A common complaint about public schools is that far more money goes into funding for sports than it does for the arts. If your child is artistically inclined, you should consider sending them to private school.

Also, consider the effects that art has on human life. Arts allow people to experience the pinnacles of human emotion, thought, understanding, and empathy through an easily understandable lens. Granting your child an artistic education will help your child become a fully-fledged human being.

But it isn’t just the arts.

Private schools, in particular, prioritize preparing students for college. They often offer students options on classes — much like the collegiate class experience. Your child may be able to choose the exact type of history to study, which could lead to them getting better grades.

3. Continued Education

While we’re on the topic of college, it may as well be mentioned that students attending private schools are more likely to achieve success in college education. Private school students offer score better on SATS, which means those students are more likely to get into better colleges.

Private schools often imply tutoring systems, which can help your student perform better on tests. Success in primary school education will mean that your child is more likely to pursue a college education.

It just makes sense that private school students would achieve more success in college as well. With a class-choosing experience that mimics that of the college system, private schools get students used to the level of autonomy and independence that college requires.

College is always a shock to a student’s system. Often it’s the first significant amount of time spent away from home. There’s no way to truly ease this blow, but Private Schools will help your child adjust to the academic side of things, so the personal side of things comes along easier.

4. Regional Specific Options

Choice in public schools is highly limited based on location. The only “choice” many parents get to make when choosing a public school is when they choose where to live.

However, this isn’t true for private schools. Parents have many more options for school that they can send their children to.

For example, look at all of the great options for private elementary schools in Vancouver. These schools — such as Pear Tree Elementary — are able to provide students with an education that stresses academic excellence rather than just competence.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver private school, you have several options — unlike many parents considering sending their children to public school. However, some options are better than others. Consider sending your children to Pear Tree to make sure they receive a superior education.

Know the Benefits of Private School Education

The benefits of private school education are tough to wrap your head around in the modern world. What was once about forming children’s brains, is now largely about a system of degrees and scores.

Make things a bit more simple for yourself; understand that smaller class sizes, a larger choice of options, and preparation for continued education will lead to a child who acquires a greater deal of intelligence due to the benefits of private school. Take a look at the many private schools in Vancouver BC, and consider which one is best for your child.

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