FSA Tests: Pear Tree co-founder, Paul Romani, on CKNW’s The Jill Bennett Show

Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Today, Pear Tree’s co-founder and director, Paul Romani, was invited to take part in a radio interview with CKNW host, Jill Bennett.

The topic of discussion was BC’s FSAs (Foundation Skills Assessment): the value of these in education, and the BCTF’s petition to parents to opt out.

Click the link below to listen to Paul’s segment with Jill:

The FSAs are a standardised test in BC to assess the progress of grade 4 and grade 7 students in their reading, writing, and numeracy skills.

The FSA tests are similar in many ways to the new BC Provincial Exams; and, therefore, they provide a useful snapshot into a child’s progress towards those grade 10/12 exams.

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