Uniform Announcement: Trousers for Girls

Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Pear Tree is delighted to announce that we (finally) now have trousers for girls available as part of our uniform starting this September!

While it goes without saying that trousers for girls aren’t at all common in Canadian private schools (most have very traditional attire that doesn’t reflect modern day society), we’ve always been in favour of offering them at our school.

However, crazy as it may seem, the trouser selection for girls and boys offered by most uniform suppliers – both locally and internationally – is simply atrocious!

And, we’ve never felt that leggings were suitable uniform attire.

For the boys, we’ve only only use branded trousers, which are reasonably easy to source in a consistent style and correct colour.

For girls, this has been next to impossible until now, since girls’ fashion changes constantly.

We’re confident that the trousers we’re now offering will be available for the long term.

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