Pear Tree Team at UBC’s 2018 IOP Conference

Paul Romani (M.Ed.)

Pear Tree Elementary is pleased to announce that its team will be presenting at UBC’s 2018 IOP Conference on May 5th

At UBC’s IOP Conference, Alexis Birner (M.Ed.), Andrea Page (M.Ed.), Louisa Chan (M.Ed.), and Paul Romani (M.Ed.) will all be presenting about different topics:

  • Alexis and Louisa will be discussing the use of iPhones for in-class digital assessment
  • Andrea will be talking about her experiences of teaching in a theme-based, project-based and problem-based learning environment, i.e. Pear Tree Elementary
  • And, Paul will be offering an insight into theme-based learning: how themes are chosen and how they tie in with project-based learning.

As noted by UBC, the conference is solely for “practicing teachers, university educators, graduate students and student teachers from different educational contexts (schools, universities and colleges)” rather than the general public.

As part of Pear Tree’s educational philosophy, our goal isn’t just to talk about what we do, but to change the mindset of other educators elsewhere. The traditional system of having separate subjects, lazy teaching using recycled materials year after year regardless of changing student demographics, and pointless busy work has stop. Not every child is lucky enough to come to Pear Tree Elementary.

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