Heart + Soul Of Any School

Paul Romani

It may seem normal to think of a school’s building as being the first important factor when choosing a school. But, it’s not. It’s the people inside, starting with the teachers.

Teachers are the most important reason for choosing a school. A school without top quality teachers is worthless. It doesn’t matter how good your classrooms are, how much technology you have, or how great the students are, if you don’t have the teachers to maximise this potential, it’s really all for nothing.

This is why we only choose the best teachers with a minimum qualification of a Masters of Education degree, and a whole lot more on top of that!

Check out any other private school’s website and, if you can even find a faculty page, notice how there is rarely any information about their teachers. You might just see their names. You might see their qualifications, but no information about their experience or educational philosophy. Why not?

Don’t choose a school based on a building. It’s people in the building that make the school great!

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