Better Grades Through Movement?

Alexis Birner

You already know how important exercise is for your kids, but did you know that movement can actually improve your child’s concentration and intellectual development?  

A recent article in BC Parent – Move More to Learn More – dives into the proven effects of physical activity on a child’s academic abilities.  Be sure to get your free copy here and watch for a quote from our very own Paul Romani one of the founders of Pear Tree Elementary.

Tight on time? We’ve pulled out a few important facts:

The Pediatric Journal completed a study that proves movement enhances brain power, when combined with learning. This is one of the many reasons we use project-based education at Pear Tree. Children benefit from merging movement and education to develop their whole-self – academic, physical and socio-emotional.

The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology recommends 60 minutes of accumulated physical activity daily for children aged 5 to 11. How do kids in Canada measure up?  Not well!  Most children aren’t getting enough exercise at home or in their public and private schools. At Pear Tree, your child gets 1 hour of physical activity each day keeping their body and mind healthy.

Read the entire article here: Move More to Learn More


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