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10 Developmental Benefits of Attending a Vancouver Private School

by Guest Post

Choosing the educational path for your child is no small matter as a parent. You might be going back and forth between public school, private school, or even homeschooling. The good thing is that you’ve come to the right guide for any family. 

If you’re interested in the value of private schooling for your family, don’t worry. Detailed below are ten key developmental benefits that might affect your decision. 

Enrolling in a reputable Vancouver private school in your area can open up many opportunities. There are academic and social advantages in a private school that will benefit each student for life. In fact, experts in the industry suggest private schools are advantageous in surrounding communities for tax revenue, too.

It’s time for your family to invest in better education and a better future. Keep reading to see what benefits you can expect when part of a Vancouver private school.

1. Teachers Are More Engaged With a Smaller Class Dynamic

The first thing to recognize about private schooling compared to public schooling is that of class size. Families seeking a more focused education, of course, should be willing to invest in that attention to their child. As a result, they do tend to end up in these less mainstream, but more engaged, private schools.  

Teachers can reach higher levels at a natural pace with a smaller class. In a way, these smaller class sizes ensure that students don’t fall behind in their studies.

Over their years at a private school with dedicated and on-hand teachers, the benefits will be clear. Their academic experience will already set them up for success for higher education.

2. Socialization Is a Great Benefit of Private Schools

It’s true that private schools are often smaller than the public ones in the same area. Still, you can expect your enrolled students to get all of the high-quality social interaction they need. We recognize that the social component of education is critical to developing well-rounded, engaged citizens.

Consider the following statistic regarding private school enrollment throughout the world. In the year 2019, over 18.6% of students attended private school. That number continues to grow over the years, too, alongside the size of the schools themselves. 

3. Embrace the Possibility of Professional Networking Later in Life

Part of the smaller class dynamic in private schools, after all, allows students to become almost familial. These long-lasting bonds will stand the test of time and could lead to networking opportunities in the future.

If these students end up in business together, trust between them will be paramount. So, it’ll help that they were trained with the same values of hard work and commitment in those early years. 

4. Private Schools Might Be Better Prepared for Distance Learning

Private funding certainly provides immediate perks on its own. Recall the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, for instance. The most adaptable schools throughout the world were the ones who maintained enrollment and achievement levels. 

Private schools typically have access to more technological resources, if need be. For more specifics, check out this article about how schools can prepare for distance learning in this global pandemic. 

5. Develop an Authentic Community

As mentioned above, socializing your students will be an essential part of a healthy upbringing. Part of a proper private school education often expects more parental involvement than traditional public schools. As a fortunate result, this develops an authentic, but diverse, community. 

Students growing up in these socially varying environments benefit in many ways. They become better equipped to handle change and circumstance as adults. They even learn to appreciate diversity and differences between other families who become close to them. 

6. Personal Safety Is a Top Priority of Public Schools

If you were to ask many parents of public school students their favorite perk of their decision, they might mention safety. A smaller crowd, after all, is going to be easier to protect.

This is true, in particular, when you compare tight-knit private schools with the vast, crowded, and often underfunded public schools. When students feel safer, they’re freer to truly stay engaged in class and their studies. 

7. Develop Well-Rounded, Engaged Global Citizens

It’s no secret that the academics of private schools, for the most part, stand above their counterpart public schools. Students in these academically challenging and thought-provoking programs excel in many ways later in life. 

One key way is through the development of their ability to continue learning throughout life. As time goes on, this allows dedicated students to become thoughtful, hard-working members of society with the potential for real change. 

8. Choose a Private School Education Based on Your Values

For many families in private schools, their core beliefs were the prime motivators. While most private schools tend to pride themselves on conservative traditions, an increasing number are treating education the way it should – the bringer of change.

9. Enroll in Private Schooling for the Extracurricular Activities

Perhaps your students are more interested in sports programs when it comes to choosing a school. Well, that’s another great benefit of many modern private schools with the funding to invest in top-quality training programs and coaches. These institutions recognize and practice the value of physical exercise as a core part of growth and development. 

10. Prepare Your Students for Higher Education

Perhaps the most important benefit of private schooling is the preparation it provides students intending to enroll in a university. The higher standards of academic training will allow a more seamless transition to the more rigorous college course load.

Find the Ideal Vancouver Private School for Your Family Today

You’re prepared to invest in the absolute best education for the child or children in your family. That’s why you’ll take the above guidance to heart.

You recognize that enrolling your family in a Vancouver high school is a no-brainer. Doing so can make all of the difference in the professional and personal future of each student. 

Well, it’s now time to find the best Vancouver private school to suit your family. In fact, that’s where we can come into play. 

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