Building confidence to face life’s challenges.

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Our manifesto

At Pear Tree School, we teach children to connect and apply education to real life. We strive to provide the skills and resources students need to develop into strong learners, able thinkers, and contributing members of their community and world.

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How we build confidence

Our team of master-educated teachers set about developing a powerful methodology that not only inspires academic excellence, but nurtures a child’s individuality, builds confidence, and cultivates the well-rounded skills they will need to have an advantage in life.

A few of our differentiators

What distinguishes Pear Tree from all other private schools?

Integrated subjects
applied learning


Building life and
leadership skills


At the start and end of every school year, Pear Tree students in grade 2 and above go on overnight camps.

The younger students to Camp Capilano, and our two oldest classes went to Camp Squeah near Hope, BC. ⛺️

Because of government COVID regulations, we haven't been able to do an overnight camp for several years, which is an incredible loss of important experiences for these young people, and a terrible strain on the finances of those camp organisations. Hopefully, this won't happen again!🤬

Pear Tree's students proudly showcased their end of Term 3 projects and the accompanying learning!

Check out some of the projects in the images below.

What an amazing Sports Day at Pear Tree School!

The event highlight was the Staff vs Students tug of war! As the older students weren't winning easily enough, the rest of the students jumped in to help!

And, we got lucky with this unpredictable early summer weather!☀️

Don't let others set limitations on who you are or what you're capable of.

Be introspective and see your own potential. Then, try to find people that see that potential in you.

#introspective #potential #growthmindset

A big THANK YOU to Roshanna's mum for making these cookies that look like coloring pencils for the teachers!

🥰It must have taken quite a while to make them!


You need to do something that is MORE CHALLENGING than or DIFFERENT FROM what you're used to.

#growthmindset #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #courageous

Doing the Right Thing means having INTEGRITY and BRAVERY.

It means doing the right thing, even when it makes you unpopular or potentially gets you into trouble for telling the truth.

#DTRT #DoTheRightThing #integrity #bravery #principles

Learn how to market yourself – essentially to 'sell yourself'. Rarely will anyone else do this for you.

Firstly, you need good self-esteem (the belief that you offer value to the world)

#positiveselfesteem #selfmarketing

Pear Tree's co-founder, Paul Romani, appeared on CKNW's Stirling Show to talk about Pear Tree Education's upcoming summer camps

Don't be afraid to fail; it's okay to fail. Just make sure that you take the time to figure out why you failed and to learn from the experience.

Otherwise, you'll never learn from your mistakes!


A team can accomplish more than an individual. Very little these days is accomplished alone.

#teamwork #collaboration #mutualgoals

A parent’s perspective

“I went looking for something more worthy of the 21st century; I wanted something more effective and real.”


“They really do adapt to the child and let that child experience the growth that they have laid out in front of them.”


“I really feel this way of teaching provides as equal an opportunity for as possible for every student to succeed in life, whatever that is.”


“I really felt like everyone in Pear Tree was just a family. We were all very close to each other and everyone around me was very, very nice. It really showed me how much communication and friendships matter.”


“Pear Tree felt like another family to me. I realized that I have developed many new relations and I have learnt myself of what I am capable of. Developing my confidence was one, but I have also learnt many life lessons.”


“Pear Tree helped me gain confidence in being more social, because with a smaller class and school in all. I also developed confidence in my skills and knowledge, because I felt free to ask, answer and share my opinions without feeling like I would be made fun of and be worried if I was wrong.”


Pear Tree’s private school faculty are proud to have earned top achievements as educators bringing technology enriched experiences to the classrooms.