Building confidence to face life’s challenges.

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Inspiring Purpose & Empowering Legacies

At Pear Tree School, our Why is to guide children in discovering their true calling and developing a deep sense of purpose, empowering them to leave a meaningful legacy that positively impacts the lives of others.

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How we build confidence

Our team of master-educated teachers proficiently apply Pear Tree’s powerful methodology that not only inspires academic excellence, but nurtures a child’s individuality, builds confidence, and cultivates the well-rounded skills they will need to have an advantage in life.

A few of our differentiators

What distinguishes Pear Tree School from all other private schools?

Integrated subjects
applied learning


Building life and
leadership skills

A parent’s perspective

“I went looking for something more worthy of the 21st century; I wanted something more effective and real.”


“They really do adapt to the child and let that child experience the growth that they have laid out in front of them.”


“I really feel this way of teaching provides as equal an opportunity for as possible for every student to succeed in life, whatever that is.”


“I really felt like everyone in Pear Tree was just a family. We were all very close to each other and everyone around me was very, very nice. It really showed me how much communication and friendships matter.”


“Pear Tree felt like another family to me. I realized that I have developed many new relations and I have learnt myself of what I am capable of. Developing my confidence was one, but I have also learnt many life lessons.”


“Pear Tree helped me gain confidence in being more social, because with a smaller class and school in all. I also developed confidence in my skills and knowledge, because I felt free to ask, answer and share my opinions without feeling like I would be made fun of and be worried if I was wrong.”


Pear Tree’s private school faculty are proud to have earned top achievements as educators bringing technology enriched experiences to the classrooms.