Healthy Hot Lunch Program

Pear Tree Elementary is passionate about healthy living. What your child eats and drinks determines their academic, social-emotional and physical performance. Food that is only 50% healthy means that your child will only perform to 50% of their potential. Therefore, healthy eating is critical to your child’s life chances.

That is why Pear Tree Elementary has its own Healthy Hot Lunch Program that is compulsory for all students.

Our Healthy Hot Lunch Program has been designed in collaboration with holistic nutritionist, Gabriella Weisbom (CNP) and Pear Tree’s own in-house chef to ensure that all food is nutritionally well-balanced, local and seasonal.

What is more, Pear Tree’s hot lunch program caters to a range of dietary needs, including gluten free.


Accompanying our Healthy Hot Lunch Program is our Food and Physical Education Program. Throughout your child’s education at Pear Tree Elementary, cooking will play a profound role.

Not only will your child learn how to cook, they will also learn many science concepts through cooking science. Daily physical education through a variety of activities will balance the Healthy Hot Lunch Program.

Furthermore, research has proven that developing good eating habits in childhood sets good eating habits for life.

Gabriella Weisbom, CNP

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  • Healthy Hot Lunch Program
  • Healthy Hot Lunch Program
  • top idependent schools
  • Healthy Hot Lunch Program
  • Healthy Hot Lunch Program

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